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If it was too low you would have noticed it when it sucked air into the system. The only other thing would be the oil would run a little hotter.

If you are concerned, just use a piece of wire or something clean and stick in down your fill port as Seven Gables suggested. If it is wet when you pull it out you are good. You may can even see the level through the fill port with a light at this point.
On what length wire and at what level would a "normal" reading be for the fluid level? And are there multiple places the wire could bottom out that would have varying levels showing on the makeshift dipstick? Would a 12 inch wire bottom out? 10 inches? 15 inches? I don't have any idea of what a "good" reading would be via that method. A friend of mine came over today, and stuck his finger into the fill hole. Fingertip came out dry. But what does that mean?
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Measure the distance from the fill port height to the sight glass. Anywhere close to that length would be fine. Normally gear cases are filled to half way of their total capacity. Unless your friend had really long skinny fingers he would not reach the oil.
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Do you have a generic hydraulic shop in your area?

Any hydraulic shop should be able to make you the hose you need from scratch. No need to get one from the manufacturer, or their "repair center". Just take your bad hose in to a competent hydraulic shop and they can make you a replacement hose, using your old one as a pattern.

For me, their is a Napa store nearby that also makes hoses, and they have made a couple for me with no problem.
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Be prepared to confuse hydraulic shop as most if not all fittings on the hydraulics are British Pipe Thread standard.
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Be prepared to confuse hydraulic shop as most if not all fittings on the hydraulics are British Pipe Thread standard.
I seriously doubt it.

He's talking about a hose on his hydraulic vehicle lift in his shop.

Reading Is Fundamental.
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Talked to my dealer today. He asked about the FEL and whether I had the cylinders extended or retracted. Evidently the fluid level in the sight glass can vary based on how much hydraulic fluid is in the cylinders. I had all the cylinders retracted, so maybe that was reflected in the sight glass window as being "over filled". He said he didn't think being overfilled 2 gallons was a real big concern, if that is the case. I talked to the tech there as well, and he said he personally filled the hydraulic reservoir himself. Anyway, the owner said not to worry about it and there shouldn't be any problem. In any event, he would have my back since I made him aware of what happened.

And not to be outdone by Murphy's Law with my trip into hydraulic hell, I went over to the garage thinking I would put one of my vehicles on my lift and change the oil and filter. I was checking the lift arms to make sure they were all lined up properly before having them engage the lift points on the vehicle when I noticed a puddle of red fluid all over the floor at the base of the passenger side tower. And some of the red stuff splattered onto the side of the vehicle too. Damn..... The hydraulic hose making the bend across the cross member had burst right at the corner. Well, at least the vehicle wasn't part way or all the way up on the lift. The safety catches would have stopped a fall to the floor, but still even a sudden drop of a foot or so would have scared the crap out of me, and maybe even bounced the vehicle off of the lift points. So now I am looking for hydraulic hoses for my BendPak lift. The phone number on the side for service goes to a place that no longer does that sort of service, and BendPak's website page to seek out a service center shows none within 100 miles of my zip code.

Never had any sort of hydraulic problem before in my life and here I get two of them back to back. Maybe a bad omen. :(
Maybe this will help...
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Maybe this will help...
Eh?? Maybe something got lost in the translation?

In any event. I have the hoses ordered from BendPak. At least I think so. Looks like one of them is on backorder. Dollar to a donut the one on backorder will be the one I actually NEED.

Still waiting on that hydraulic fluid dye to come in. Supposed to be here tomorrow.

Just to add to the fun, my dehumidifier in the garage died yesterday. :(

Guess I am just not living right. Maybe I need to get meaner. I am 73 years old, so I think I have some sort of right to turn crotchety and mean, don't I?
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Congratulations, you found a mistake done by me. You win the internet for a whole day. ON the other hand since we were talking about a TYM and jumping subjects here. Hydraulics on the TYM is BPT standard.
Just to be that guy. 🤣 It's BSPP (parallel threads) so it doesn't get confused with BSPT (tapered threads).