Good morning!!!!

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Good morning! Low of 45°, going up to 79°. Slight chances of an afternoon t-storm. The risk of severe storms is much less today. Heavy cloud cover now.

Continuation of gravel spreading and filling the last big planter with dirt is the agenda for at least the first part of the day.
Then change hats to chief griller

Everyone have a great weekend. Enjoy any festivities, family, and friends. And, say a special thanks for all who served.
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Anything special in your radish pickle recipe?
two eyes of newt, the left wing of the Brazilian fruit bat and half a can of carb cleaner. I'm partial to Sea Foam.

apple cider vinegar, herbs, garlic, balsamic salad dressing
next batch might add a little bit of sugar, I'm not a sweet pickle person

nice drive to TSC up near Popgadget's, very friendly people work there.
they were pretty low on grease, I bought a few and will wait to buy a few from JD.
interesting I saw some grease was amber colored. I wonder why other than not staining your pants as badly.
bought some grass seed to fix a spot out front near the pine trees. Then some grub control to put down
plantar fasciitis bothering my right foot, a bit sore and puffy.

time to go mow the lawn

get to work he told the lazy man
but I'm retired boss

ordered a wash/wax foam cannon for car and rv. going to hook it to small power washer
with so much pollen coming down, a real drag trying to keep them clean.
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Got the final 2 walls done -16 total.
Soooo glad to finally be done with that chore. 16 years of accumulated dust, mold, mildew etc power washed away. Feeling really good for the upcoming painting.
So - you clean one wall a year on the average.
I already gave Popgadget some radishes,
my brother just got a bag full, neighbor said still have some of last batch, etc etc.
an excess of radishes. Of course, I could always pickle more.
When I was about 8 my father let me have my own little section of garden to plant anything I wanted. This was in northern Vermont and radishes were about the quickest growing thing I could plant after the ground thawed. My family grew tired of radishes in the spring.
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Those Dewalt batteries don't last long when you are trying to drill through 3/16" steel.

Something doesn’t seem right. I can drill at least 30 holes with one 18v battery, 5/16 holes in 1/4” steel. Make sure that the bit is sharp and it has lots of pressure. Cutting fluid like Option 1 helps as well. People often go wrong by not using enough pressure. If you’re not making big chips, sharpen the bit or push harder. The bit needs the fresh metal to keep it cool and sharp. Otherwise it’s like a boy scout spinning a stick to try and start a fire.

That is a Makita drill and battery, but I’m sure that DeWalt or Milwaukee have the same capability.
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Good to read that everyone is staying busy.
Hair cut this morning, then ran to Costco. Looked at the heat pump AC unit again but did not get it.
Did get some loaded potato salad, had some for lunch, is ok. A little salty. Got gas at local station same price without the wait in line.
Sitting on porch, nice breeze Lots of birds chirping.
Left hip is hurting me today, was difficult walking around Costco. Might not do much today. Still need to get dirt in planters. Maybe I’ll take BH down along creek and get some good soil.
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67°F and .38 inches. Pretty morning, sunshine.

No power washing today - Yayyyyyyy

Have to make a PO run, my new friction clutch is listed as arrived.

Grass has been growing wild while I’ve been distracted. Need to give tractor some attention.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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73F and "Fair" @ 12:00, calling for a high of 79F for the day.

Still almost no chances of rain anywhere in the Ten Day, best day is maybe 25% ... not good.

Probably good that The Woman is leaving for out of state when She is though ... less chance of running the well dry ... ;)

Woman saw first hummingbird of the year the other day. Got feeder out and cleaned it, but hasn't made up any juice for it yet I don't think. Might be waiting on me to do it ... :rolleyes:

Hopper feeder emptied out in about a day ... :oops:

I had put one of the nyjer feeders out a while back and finches seemed to be ignoring it.

They had been eating the safflower/sunflower hearts I put in the tube feeders.

Well, the tube feeders ran out and then they were all over the nyjer feeder.

Refilled tube feeders and now they are back over there.

Apparently the moral of the story is that they like the easy pickin's of sunflower hearts out of the shell ... :giggle:

Made some progress cleaning up the extra sets of blades with a wire wheel for both the Cub and the Kubota last night up in the shop. Kubota blades have been sitting up in the shop for a couple of years, pretty badly rusted.

Of course, it made a horrible mess ... looked like a smoke-filled room from all the dust it was throwing.

One cleaned Kubota blade, one uncleaned Kubota blade, and one of the original blades off the Cub that was wire-wheeled but never sharpened:

IMG_2642 copy.jpg

If memory serves, I either picked up a new set of blades for the Cub towards the end of the first season, or the beginning of the second season and changed them out at that point. Remember I was surprised at how little wear they seemed to have.

Another photo comparing the unsharpened Cub blade with one that I sharpened ... probably using a combination of an angle grinder/flap disc and hand file:

IMG_2643 copy.jpg

Very seriously considering ordering one of those sharpening jigs for mower blades. Would love to have an All American ... but hard to part with double the money compared to a clone.

Mo Jack is on the truck and out for delivery via UPS.

So are the "Giant Destroyer" smoke bombs for the groundhogs ... only they are coming via USPS.

Unsure what all I will be getting into today (beyond assembling Mo Jack)

Hopper feeder needs refilled.

Need to finish up shelving for plants/seeds.

Kubota FEL and Cub both need greased.

Probably should see about mixing up another batch of glyphosate and mixing some of the vinegar solution for The Woman and loading her sprayer up.

Think I was starting to see some die back yesterday on weeds in the garden that I sprayed, hopefully even more today.

USPS just dropped off smoke bombs.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday ... (y)