Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

47.7F, heading to mid-60s forecast is for a grey day, with possibility of afternoon showers.

Yesterday also had a chance of Pm showers, but even though the skies were ominous p-looking at several points, no precip arrived.

we took Bailey up to the woodlot in TukTuk, and WHILE MOVING we had a wacky squirrel jump into the front passenger seat, bound across the top of the seat back, across to the back DS and rebound off the dog’s head and then our the rear DS door! It was just as I was slowing down to get out onto the main road, but we were still going 8-10MPH when it happened. THAT would have been some wild video!

After doctor visit, mom needed some things from WallyWorld, so while there, we ran into the woodlot neighbor, hey how ya doin’. Don’t see the guy for almost 15 months since we bought the place, now run into him regularly 😂🤣. In course of conversation, he asks for a favor, wants to use the mini-ex for five minutes to move a downed tree so he can mow the back half of the property. I got full insurance coverage, $250 deductible, he said he was a heavy equipment operator for 40 years, I just have to find out if he operated in backhoe or ISO so I can flip the switch if necessary. Mrs offered him some eggs and he accepted, and we brought them up when we did the Bailey walk.

after all that, while sitting on the deck, there was activity at the druggies, then we heard some arguing between a male and female, but something was different. Turns out they were making their way through the underbrush of the contiguous lot , fighting about who-knows-what, someone might have pulled a knife (but not used it) the word “heroin” was heard, and we are very glad we have the 5’+ fence. The Sounds of Summer. . .

The Mossberg Brothers have relocated to more readily deployable locales. Yay. . .

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe dull boring uneventful blessed day!
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I thought this was an interesting project but I'm not sure if it would be practical.

That showed up on my Suggested Videos last night, too - I hadn’t watched it yet.
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40F clear sky upper 70's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Setting on the deck last evening one kitten curl up on my lap purring as she slept,soon Boo show up walk around big flower box and bird bath than laid down fell a slept also,guess I was boring company for both.

Plans for today...AM take trimmer for walk,PM not sure yet.

Enjoy day all.
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Good morning! 62˚F North breeze turning to a Southerly breeze and temps heading to the mid 80s. Partly cloudy and no chance for rain.

Watermelon and cantelope seeds are planted and should be ready to harvest in August.

Pennwalk that shelf/table tube is a good space saving idea for those like me that are space deprived.

The gates open up to the peach orchard this morning on the "Farm". I'm required to drive once around to move any obstacles in the road so I might pic a few on my inspection loop.
May everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend.
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Mornin from Charlton, NY. Going to be a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!


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Good morning, the low temp was 45 and forecast to get to 74°F. Wind WSW 10 to 15 mph. Sunny!

Went to bed last night about 9 and slept right through to 5:30 this morning. I haven't slept ALL night through for many years. Always up for a p at least once.

I am going to use the big Makita Electric drill today. I tried to load a picture of it and got a wall of gibberish. Google Makita 1/2" electric drill and you will see what I am using. I only have 8 1/8" bits left out of ten. If I bust all of them, then I will go with 1/4" and use carriage bolts.

Ron, nice stop action shot.

Have a safe day all
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Bill, you are going to be full of energy today.
you'll need it with that drilling

enjoying my coffee and going slowly.
then out to mow on a cool morning.
I have some radishes to give away, will find a neighbor
first dibs to Ken, but he may be busy with holiday house prep.
perhaps he should report in what temp the pool water is.

I already gave Popgadget some radishes,
my brother just got a bag full, neighbor said still have some of last batch, etc etc.
an excess of radishes. Of course, I could always pickle more.
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46 this morning high in 60s cloudy rain by evening rain tomorrow and Monday.

Sorry about druggies Kilroy, glad trip back was safe Drew, happy pressure washing done sodamo, beautiful flowers rswyan, hope wife is better PopG and m7040.

Hope everyone has a safe enjoyable Memorial Day and the sacrifices those who were wounded or died giving us the freedoms we have today.

Prayers for all our Country