Good morning!!!!

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25F clear sky mid 30's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today....AM town for critter food clean leaves up here and there,PM blow leaves from front field into woods and smooth moose hoof prints.

3-5 inches late Tuesday late morning Wednesday,have feeling today last day taking back pack blower on hike.

Enjoy your day all.
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31 outside this AM, heading to low 50's. Rain is expected tomorrow. Good thing too. Pretty bad drought here.

Yesterday while I was at the corner of my property the neighbor started shooting again. Pretty loud when you can hear it over a chainsaw. Estimate I was half mile away. Since I do walk my trails and we had that episode of a ricochet I figured I'd go introduce myself. My side of the story is it got contentious. I introduced myself to someone at his house, who was rather nonchalant about my inquiry. I think I waited a whole five minutes before he drove up. Again introducing myself asking to see what he was shooting at. Noticing other family members are on their phones. At first he says he is only shooting a .22. I tell him, I am not hearing a .22. Then it comes out he is also shooting a 9mm. He starts stating nothing is getting through his stops. Nothing. We proceed to go behind his stops, by now he is adamant on nothing is going through. And asks me to inspect his backstop to confirm that. I of course am telling him of the ricochet, he is telling me of the backstop. It's not going well. I clearly see my front fence over his backstop. Probably three quarters of a mile away. I don't think his backstop is wide or tall enough for the direction or caliber he is shooting. My opinion. Seeing my property, my trails, and well the fence line is bothersome. By now there is stress and well, nothing I can do or say to keep it from becoming more stressful. Upon returning to the house, another family member approaches me and I inquire as to if there is a problem. Now I find out it is this guys sisters house, and after some conversation it was stated that the person shooting should only be firing .22's. I tell this person I am not hearing .22's. He said he would have talk about that. We were cordial and I left. Around thirty minutes later I hear the 9mm emptying extended mags again.

I returned to cutting more firewood on a different part of the property. I managed to get my log splitter into the woods near a really big oak. I split two full loads of RTV sized wood. I ran out of gas, left the splitter in the woods and will return this AM to pick it up and split some more. The oak looks to be about five more RTV trips. I do like splitting in place. LOL.

It's almost the holiday. I am debating serving one of the few turkeys on the property or heading to the store. Probably heading to the store, today, later as a matter of fact. Maybe one day I will serve a wild turkey again, but for some reason....

Hope all have a great day, a good start to the work week, and healing is in progress.
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Rip, is there any option for him to reorient the firing range so it points somewhere else? Maybe turn it 90 degrees? Sounds like you handled it well. You are the one who could get hit, not him...
also doesn't sound like they were totally honest with you.
if you own a 9mm, you are going to want to train with it.
But you can't do it aiming at your neighbor's property.

maybe some big trees planted in the way?
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Good Morning! 66˚F heading to the mid 70s partly cloudy skies, breeze from the south, then the West and finally this evening from the North as Temps drop 20˚.

Happy 51st Anniversary to the Fuddys! We only have 48.5 in the bank of bliss.

Yesterday was a productive day at the estate house as we race to get everything as good as it can get this inspection week. Spot painting and a pickup load to recycle and two vehicles loaded to Goodwill. I know this is an AS-IS sale but my wife has high standards and she is usually right about things like this. The house is cleared out and clean but the garage still needs a lot of hauling off.

RNG the inspection and survey are being paid for by the Buyer, so no conflict of interest here. I already know of several things we will get dinged on but with my knee healing so I will not be able to get to them which is kind of frustrating but I have to keep reminding myself "AS-IS".

PT today with New Guy, Hope he is not "Brother of Igor" but my wife wants him to cause me pain as she believes in the no-pain-no-gain theory. Good thing I still have a few pain pills left for after PT. My hopefully last DR. visit with an X-ray will be Wednesday to make sure everything is healing properly.

Mostly, rest up.
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A .22 can be dangerous too. My father in law was a pathologist. He had a case if a young woman who turned out to have been killed by a .22 to the head. The shooter turned out to have been more than a mile away. People act like guns are toys.

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if there were an indoor gun range nearby, I'd buy a year's subscription and be a good neighbor and offer it to whoever owns the 9mm.
of course, I have no idea what that costs....but I like the idea.

.22 hollow point will take care of most woodland critters legal to open up on, like rabid ground hogs.
I'm guessing the 9mm is for rabid humans.

speaking of hogs.
Coming down through Virginia, sorry don't remember where but Southern part, I saw something I've never seen except on youtube.
3 big fat feral hogs grazing along the side of the road, back a ways.
hogs on the loose. Bad news. Bad to hit with your car too.
are they smarter than deer?

I wonder how my pepper balls would work on a ticked off charging hog.
I believe avoidance is the plan.
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"I'll just whine here"

I think I have said it before but, When the complaining stops check the pulse.

Whine on. :LOL:
Put a little lithium grease on it, it should quiet down