Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning! 66˚F heading to the mid 70s partly cloudy skies, breeze from the south, then the West and finally this evening from the North as Temps drop 20˚.

Happy 51st Anniversary to the Fuddys! We only have 48.5 in the bank of bliss.

Yesterday was a productive day at the estate house as we race to get everything as good as it can get this inspection week. Spot painting and a pickup load to recycle and two vehicles loaded to Goodwill. I know this is an AS-IS sale but my wife has high standards and she is usually right about things like this. The house is cleared out and clean but the garage still needs a lot of hauling off.

RNG the inspection and survey are being paid for by the Buyer, so no conflict of interest here. I already know of several things we will get dinged on but with my knee healing so I will not be able to get to them which is kind of frustrating but I have to keep reminding myself "AS-IS".

PT today with New Guy, Hope he is not "Brother of Igor" but my wife wants him to cause me pain as she believes in the no-pain-no-gain theory. Good thing I still have a few pain pills left for after PT. My hopefully last DR. visit with an X-ray will be Wednesday to make sure everything is healing properly.

Mostly, rest up.
I don't think you need to remind yourself....

Maybe drop the hint to the buyer, inspection and survey services...again.

All my real estate transactions were/are "AS-IS". For me as a buyer and seller.

Some people will try and skirt that, anyway they can.
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Made it to Hawaii, but no energy to really ost like normal
Enjoy the north shore, I stayed there many years ago but I think the place I stayed is now a condo. And let me know if you like the place you’re at, we are going in February but haven’t picked a place to stay at yet.
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39° now, low was 26°. Sunny but heavy frost in the shade.
Might go try to level out the dirt where I buried the conduits, so I can get grass seed on it. Maybe too late in the year.
Son said he had a weird incident on the freeway last night, someone doing 60 mph, son tried to pass, other car turned off headlights and sped up to 75 to not allow son to pass. Then slow down to 60 again. And Repeat.
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Good Morning!!!! 51F @ 5:45AM. Sunny. High 72F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

Still in Orcutt. SpaceX finally got off a delayed StarLink launch at about 3AM. I did hear it here, but not nearly as loud as at my buddy's place in Lompoc. Very happy about that. Over there, the windows rattle enough to make me wonder if they're gonna shatter, enough so the poor dog's teeth chatter with fright.

Glad things are going mostly smooth for your trip, Drew.

What a shame such a new car was hit like that, Frits. Did it have a dash cam?

If you already have a buyer, and an agreed upon price, and the condition is AS IS, in writing, leave it at that, Don. As long as you've fully disclosed the condition of the house and grounds, there's no reason to risk your recovery doing work the buyer has already agreed is their responsibility.

Seems like you've made the effort to bring the problems with the shooting to the attention of your neighbor, Mike. Your post to the GM thread is a good record of the unsuccessful interaction, and the seemingly malicious subsequent response by the shooter. This is nothing to mess around with, as you and your home are well within range of a stray round, and your tractor has already been hit once. If I were in your shoes, I'd have already been in touch with law enforcement to register a complaint, and I'd sure as heck have made another one after the meeting. If it happens one more time, I'd be looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit. This is a life and death situation, and we'd hate to lose you!

Speaking of A-hole neighbors, the one I have at the old place was back to shooting after dark again. I was listening to music on the back porch, with the noise at a normal conversation level. And the shooting was rapid fire, unaimed, clearly intended to be a nuisance. I haven't had any target practice since the unfortunate clash last July 4th, and I think the 45-70 could use a little exercise when I get back. In broad daylight, well after everyone has had their morning coffee.

Decided the larger of the two spare bedrooms will be a craft room, and moved a bookshelf into it. Loaded it up with stuff from previous trips, but still have a lot to go. Most of the day was spent shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, now for between four and six people. Found a nice Butterball turkey on sale at Costco, along with a cozy flannel shirt jack to replace the one that got ripped up over last winter. Great price on that, too. Stopped by the local Albertson's grocery store for a few more items, but the clerk had trouble applying the digital coupons I'd "collected" from the "club" advertisements. Not the first time this has happened, so will try a call to tech support today to get it ironed out.

Adding to the list of SNAFUS are two missing shipments from Amazon that are listed as delivered, but three days on are still missing. Ah, the pleasures of the holiday season.

More unpacking and stacking on the list for today.

Hope everyone's week gets off to a great start!
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Morning all, 32 going up to 47 and sunny.
Son drove on the long road up on the NJ side of the Delaware and did really well, learning how to maintain lane and speed.

We had huge flocks of birds come through here yesterday covering the trees and shared road, late going south?

Happy anniversary Fuddy !

Hope you are feeling better 2 bit

M7040 - smash and run, Hope she is ok.

Happy birthday to your Mom Kilroy!

Rip-sorry about neighbor, We have a lot of shooting here on the larger properties, always a worry since who knows where they are aiming or if they have a backstop. Hope this calms down and they realize where they are shooting. Maybe a berm on your side for your own protection if they are going to be this way....

Be well,

Can see through where the 150' wall of brush used to be. Need to clean up the straw and bench this week.

Didn't Hitchcock do a movie on these birds?
At one point every tree was full, but me moving got them moving too fast to capture.
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Plus today's our anniversary, together 51 years. Hard to imagine!
Happy Anniversary! Keep eye on wind for that fire, we have important documents in a lightweight plastic document holder. With plans to grab it as we leave in a hurry.

Also make sure your insurance is enough to cover replacement costs. That's a good topic to cover annually. I recently did mine, due to the extreme prices of building a home having gone up.

Son and I cut a little firewood yesterday. Unfortunately, I only harvest trees that have died, and they usually have a thick outer layer of dead wood that is light and not really worthy of burning unless you like to scoop ashes after every short burn. So a lot of the wood I had laying around to split was no good, going into the burn pile. Small Deere CS40 ran like a champ. We call it "little John".

Need to drive down south to help my mom out. Will bring her back on Tuesday. Then drive her an hour up north to rendezvous with my sister to hand her off.

Mostly, glad you made it to Hawaii. Prayers for peace.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.
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65°F and no rain

Our friend’s Chicken curry was different from what Sophie makes but delicious. More a curry flavored stew with potatoes and carrots whereas Sophie’s is more a white sauce usually made with coconut milk.

Played Hand and Foot and guys lost.

First order of business is talking with tech support for electrical system. No more glitches so hopefully we have identified a troublesome component.

Then back to cleaning the BX fuel tank.

Afternoon will bring a trip to town. A few errands including picking up a turkey. Looking like about 27 for TDay potluck.

Then Happy Hour in town.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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good morning, 33 going to 48

daughter had an accident last night. A car cut across several lanes in front of her but did not stop.

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That's why I invested in a VIOFO A129 Duo dash cam. A press of button on my dash will save and lock the current recorded files (front and rear). At least I can try and get a license plate or vehicle description. It can also aid your defense in fault questions. You can download the videos to your phone for instant use. And it can be setup to capture videos in parking lots if your vehicle is bumped or hit. It's cheap insurance. (y)