Good morning!!!!

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Good morning !

Now sky is clear, sun shining, but as clouds blanket is gone it become colder. Now we have -4 ... -5 C / 23 F

yesterday everything went according with plan. That was easy as it was like Sunday :)

Oldest daughter came by. Wife made shop run, bought few pieces of meat. We got nice steaks at dinner. Daughter seems doing ok with her studies

I with boys went to see our gothic barber. Was not disappointed :love: 😁
She looks nice and I am like 10 years younger. And sons looks like real heartbreaks 😁

This morning I was in new office and came in young lady. She is living nearby, recently moved and really liked my 3 guardians.
I put those 3 stones because truck drivers sometimes could be really reckless
That lady is looking similar stones as she has moved from area where are a lot of stones, but here, near Riga it is basically flat beach

I showed her how I have got mine. She lost a bit of optimism. 😁

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Day didn’t quite as planned. Whole morning taken up by my electrical problem and Outback tech support. Eight dropped calls before I finally got to speak with a person. #2 in the cue, #1 in the cue, #3 in the cue, etc until finally. And then that person wasn’t the right expertise and she put me in another cue. Wasn’t that disappointed as whatever accent she had I missed half what she said. Doubtful I would have gotten problem solved. I was # 3 in that cue and asked if I wanted to leave a call back number. I did. Got call back in 20 minutes or so.
After immediately toward Kevin about the dropped calls, he took my number and said he’d being calling back. He did so 5 times. Well over an hour and he was great, walking me through various settings etc until we found and then verified a problem. Hopefully problem will be fixed by a replacement circuit board.
Also discussed temp work arounds while awaiting new board. All in all, Kevin was great tech support.

Nearly noon by the time we finished up. No time left for Sophie’s BX. Left for town about 1245.

Errands and shopping went well and then Happy Hour. Smallish gathering, but nice.

Made it home just before dark.

Tomorrow’s another day.
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Good evening all. 73ºF for the start, overcast sky, breezy. Moderate wind, overcast with periods of rain. High temp was 76ºF and low temp was 70 @ 8PM. Started with cup of coffee then grocery store run with grand daughter to get breakfast food. After breakfast about 3 mile walk along the main highway and watching the surf. One of the group grilled burgers for dinner and watched some Monday Night Football. 1 st pic view from back porch of pool, 2nd pic rain in mountains.


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Drinking hot coffee. 35° with rain this morning. Heading to 47° with rain all day. Did some putting in barn getting tractor ready for winter. Winter is close by. Less than 20 miles north it has been snowing today. Also took all the yard tools out of back of Mule. Put a shovel in place of them. Going to be a conserve energy day today.
Got a fresh seed cake out for birds.

Mostly, enjoy the great views.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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Morning all! 18 going to high 30's. Mostly cloudy today with snow coming for Wednesday into Thursday.
Need to dig out the shovels and put them into the right spots. Other then that I think I'm ready.
Free cutting edge on bucket ended up being 500 bucks!!! Should have just bought a new one for 60 bucks more!
Relatives were staying over since Friday. They are heading home today before the storm.
Off to breakfast with the neighbor. Not sure what I will get into today!
Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
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38 outside this AM, heading towards lower 50's. Rain expected within the next few hours. I am trying to beat that with one more run to the back forty to get some split oak. I managed to get a few split loads and the log splitter back to the house yesterday. Man, I like splitting in place. Less mess and there is something about being in the woods. I look to be about half-way through the tree. More chain sawing is required.

Nothing else on the agenda today, and that is a good thing.

Hope all have a great day.
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good morning all
67 in Brunswick Georgia, with rain predicted, so looks like a showery day for a drive to Charleston
95 up to 17 and then 17 almost all the way home along the coast.
traffic is likely to get worse each day til the holiday

Ron, keep that snow up there please
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16F clear sky upper 30's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...full day at parts store by time I get home it's dark. :(

Enjoy your day all.
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43 going to a rainy 56. Need it.

Happy Birthday to your young mom, Kil.

Ken, glad your son is developing some driving skills. Such an exciting time for a young guy. I saw the first of the year mega-sized flock of blackbirds flying around yesterday. I'm always mesmerized by how they seemingly turn all at once, undulating like a school of fish. Who is the leader and how do they all react simultaneously?

Buppies, I heard this morning that the Matt's Run fire in the James River Face Wilderness is over 10,000 acres. Hope they get the most out of this rain storm. Our local guy says 2.5 inches.

Did my dump run/river hike and grocery shopping trip yesterday...I picked out the final Thanksgiving dinner ingredients, since my wife is still staying with her mom at the nursing home. Good news is they are likely to release her mom to go back to her apartment today. But she has not fully recovered, so my wife may need to stay there some. At least it's a more comfortable place for them both.

Not sure how much time I've got in the space after it gets light but before the rain shows, but I'll do some messing around outside.
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Good Morning Guys,
Ct, 21 to start going to 40 or so ! Another sunny day and trying to get all outdoor chores done before the bad weather starts later today !
I have to work tomorrow, looks like a nasty day !

Also need to make a run to BJ’s to buy Swiss Miss hot cocoa for an event that we are hosting at the Fire Dept on Dec 2nd.

Phil, I replaced the bucket on my Massey Ferguson 1040 a few years back with a heavy duty 6’ from Everything Attachments! Also bought the QA so it disconnects easily ! Also had the replaceable cutting edge ! Unfortunately I can’t remember what I paid for all of that ! 😉

Hope all have a blessed and safe day ! 🙏