Good morning!!!!

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25F clear sky mid teens day break tomorrow.

Saw and hearleast 6 large flocks of geese heading south. :(

Been good day getting things done outside...clean leaves out front smooth moose hoof holes 🙄 couple extra wheelbarrows loads wood in basement,put walkway snow plants in place also found the 3 snow shovels before old man winter comes visiting Tuesday PM :cry: have feeling leaf control done for the year...backpack now hibernating until next year.

Plans for the evening little as possible and watch little football.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Good (Tuesday) morning. Overnight Low of 10.9C and it's presently 23.7C, partly cloudy and calm.

A productive day yesterday; although the 2-stroke whipper-snipper started on the first pull, died and then refused to re-start. So I put it away and did a Z-turn mow around the house/driveway. That was followed by a major recycles (cardboard/bottles) and bin dump at the tip.

I stopped off at the PO on the way to my driver's license 'exam'. All over by 1650.

So today is back at wood-stacking, plus a request by a Church member for assistance @ 1800 to collect bread from one of the local bakeries, for distribution to those less fortunate, from our Church Hall.

That's about it, take care all.
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Eye starting to clear from cataract surgery today. Haleluya!
Friend called said his wife has colon cancer and 2 old friends died last week...old age is not easy. Prayers for my good friend Zane please.
Looking forward to getting back to daily things being more normal.
At 70 yrs (soon) I feel I'm staring old age in the face.
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David, My B2910 had problems like your BX. Turned out it was an earwig in Fuel tank. Found it by siphoning fuel out of tank into a clear pan. How it got there I have no idea. But have not had a problem since.

Drained and siphoned the tank. Flow definitely restricted.
Going with adding a cleanout to tank per instructions I found on Youtube

Today, didn’t go quite as planned, never got to work on the BX. Tomorrow