Good morning!!!!

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Good. morning! 55˚F, North breeze, party cloudy, high of only 57˚.

Brother of Igor bent my knee till I cried out in pain just like his brother, Then an exhausting 1 hour workout, Then homework. My wife was happy. BOI (Brother of Igor) made we walk around carrying weights at my side and I had to keep them level at all times, these were my WOBBLE detectors if they were not perfectly straight wobbling was detected, only straight walking is allowed. When BOI found out I had no plans for Friday after Thanksgiving he scheduled a work day just to torture me more.

I did my walking homework in Costco, surprisingly it was not too crowded.

Mostly, Hawaii is cooler than Texas yesterday, 80˚ here.

H&F cards tally was dismal 4L 1W. Still sore at night in thigh above surgical knee. I will have to get another refill of pain pills with BOI.

Check, PT with the sisters was more compassionate and the brothers will work you to your limit because they enjoy pain.
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Good morning, the low is 20 and the high to 34°F. Wind ESE 17 mph.
Periods of snow. But they are only talking less than an inch.

Wood stove reloaded, lots of b i g coals, thanks to the big round of beech I put in there last night.

Today is an energy conservation day in preparation for the big snow. 2 cm/less than an inch. What a joke.

Have a safe day all
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Prayers for Zane

36 high in 40s today .28 in of rain so far still raining great to see good for our water tables good to help put out fires which we need. Yes wngsprd over 10000 acres

Drew you will drive right past our son literally

Prayers for all silent or spoken our Country
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Helped wife get up early and getting dressed
that sounds like a loving thing to do.
something tells me you were probably fussed at a little...

hope labs come back in range
sometimes you want to let loose,
but with labs, you sure want to be in range.

my older brother has two Acura MDX's that are possibly part of a recall for a bad engine bearing. Very surprising for Honda. I wonder who the supplier was, I think these are Alabama cars.
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36F cloudy. Nice sunrise. Accuweather is calling for snow. The other guys are calling for rain and sleet. I worked on chopping up leaves at the farm but ran out of daylight before I ran out of leaves. If I had a bagger for the Simplicity zero turn I might think about bagging. Very dusty.

Take care.

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my older brother has two Acura MDX's that are possibly part of a recall for a bad engine bearing. Very surprising for Honda. I wonder who the supplier was, I think these are Alabama cars.
Since I saw the article. I have been wondering if David’s Ridgeline is on the list.
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Morning all, 32 going up to 47 and sunny.
Son drove on the long road up on the NJ side of the Delaware and did really well, learning how to maintain lane and speed.

We had huge flocks of birds come through here yesterday covering the trees and shared road, late going south?

Happy anniversary Fuddy !

Hope you are feeling better 2 bit

M7040 - smash and run, Hope she is ok.

Happy birthday to your Mom Kilroy!

Rip-sorry about neighbor, We have a lot of shooting here on the larger properties, always a worry since who knows where they are aiming or if they have a backstop. Hope this calms down and they realize where they are shooting. Maybe a berm on your side for your own protection if they are going to be this way....

Be well,

Can see through where the 150' wall of brush used to be. Need to clean up the straw and bench this week.
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Didn't Hitchcock do a movie on these birds?
At one point every tree was full, but me moving got them moving too fast to capture.
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Thank you!
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Good Morning
It’s 29 with a high in the 40’s.
Partially cloudy now, rain starts around noon and continues through the night, a multi inch event.

Yesterday, I sold my “spare” Prius, after realizing that none of my family wanted it. I didn’t realize that a Prius was like politics, there is now middle ground, you love them or wouldn’t get caught dead in one.
Surprisingly I sold it to a dealer for more than twice what was offered as a trade in on the Plug in. I really didn’t want to be tortured by tire kickers, this was effortless, sent them the VIN and some pictures, they made me an offer which I accepted, I dropped it and the title off and picked up a check.

My wife picked me up and we went to a “foreign” Costco, which was a zoo, the parking situation should have tipped us off. I find it annoying that no 2 stores are laid out the same, it was a big pain to find anything. We decided that after getting the essentials, we were out of there and would go to our familiar store after the holidays. We did have lunch at Mission BBQ, which didn’t disappoint.

Then had to drive up to Allentown to the avionics shop to bring them some parts. They are making good progress, new panel is powder coated and looks great.


Had zoom Oddfellows meeting to end the day. Had to fight Zoe for my spot in bed, but at least she warmed it up for me.

Today starts with breakfast with the professor, then move hay from the hay shed to the barn, trying preserve the hay in the loft for winter or unplanned inclement weather when I don’t want to be outside moving bales.

Zoom meeting with County for park that is also a grass airport with mostly antique planes at 1:00, then lunch, then a little Freeform time until my meeting with the zoning hearing board at 6 to get a variance for the size of the in-law suite I want to build for us to move into so my youngest son and wife can have our house and hopefully start a family.

So while I will have some unstructured time, the day is pretty well spoken for.

On the subject of birthdays, none of the “milestone” birthdays had any effect on me like 30,50,60,65, etc, but for some reason when I turned 70, it dawned on me that I was getting old, and my friends were dying from natural causes rather than accidents or lifestyle. Fortunately subsequent birthdays haven’t brought any other news flashes, so I’ll just keep moving forward.

I guess as long as I still play in a rock and roll band, get all the chores done and fly people around, I can’t be that old…….