Good morning!!!!

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31F heavy misting rain mid 30's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)

Old man winter spent the night rearranging view 6" of s... with little icing 🙄 this morning I'll shovel paths and walks critter feeding area,afternoon slowly use tractor with back blade clean driveway etc.,ground to soft for pickup with thing for certain leaf control done for the year. :)

Enjoy your day all.


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Chilly and dry here if you consider 50% humidity dry. After all the light rain we've had, that's pretty dry. :unsure:
Went out yesterday morning to grab a few things at the store and found a dead battery in the truck. Went back into the house and ordered a battery charger on Amazon. It was delivered within three hours. Ya gotta love it. :love:

I put the charger on it and set it for 30A. Went back out just before dark and it was fully charged. I'll try to get to the store again this morning after breakfast. I have one egg left so it better work. I left the charger and extension cord by the back door so if I need it again for a boost, it's ready.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

58.8f not going up much more than that. Mostly cloudy, reasonably dry.

Yesterday’s admin ended up with some shopping, went to supermarket, have to unload all the non-refrigerator items that stayed in vehicle due to the rain. Also hit a couple thrifts, Mrs got some good NWT clothing, I scored amLe Creuset Dutch oven for $20 — I just have to soak the burnt residue that is on the bottom that someone else was unable to clean off. Worth it for a $400 pot!

today is a little bit of stitching to repair a seam on one of the inflatable decorations - our Pilgrim Boy is falling over. The Turkey is still going strong, though, which is good. It is probably way too wet today to go to woodlot, but tomorrow morning before the family festivities commence we will likely get the dogs out for a walk up the mountain.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!!!
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This description would be for a specific brand or model. Not all are multi view. Not all work with that software.
But most you can just hook to computer with usb cable to save videos. Most have a button to lock a video so it won’t get overwritten. Some new ones have WiFi to download video to your phone. Some don’t even have a display, that’s a no go for me.
I recommend, but don’t yet have, front and back cameras. Most of my near accidents are from the rear, usually someone going very fast with sudden lane changes.
Yep, the VIOFO has it all. I just didn't list them. And the picture quality is unmatched within the price range. That's why I upgraded from the 119 to the 129 Duo. Dashcam Viewer has a huge list of compatible cameras/systems. You can view the videos with a lot of software including Windows Media Player. They're simply MP4 files. But you don't get the map or combined view of front/rear cameras. I've found it entertaining to watch some of the near misses and happenings going on around me while out and about. You don't always catch them while driving in traffic. And most certainly not the ones behind you.
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Good evening all. 73ºF for the start, overcast with periods of rain, breezy. Moderate wind, overcast with periods of rain, and high temp was 76ºF. putter to start day, gang went to turtle beach on north end of island. Got some swimming and video of waves. We finally score Arizona tickets so tomorrow is Pearl Harbor day. Having fun with family and SIL family.
Score tickets? When I went there you went any time. That was long time ago.
Turtle beach is where I stayed. Used to be a Hilton. I did horse back ride on the beach over along the golf course.
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3 pies? I'm coming to your house. 😋
Better go to my sisters house. Over 20 of family supposed to be there. Course she just told us some people they ate with a couple days ago now have covid. Said they ate outside. This could put a damper on things, don’t know if they tested yet.