Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning Guys,
Ct, 39 to start going to 50 ! Rain has stopped, good thing, I’m working today ! 😉

David and Helo impressive power systems ! Would love to talk, but I have to go back to work ! 😁

Have a Great day !! 🙏
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Rip, sorry about your tree...hope the standing part survives.

I guess it's obvious I am closely following these Virginia forest fires. The big one of 11,000 acres covers one of my very favorite hiking areas...not looking forward to seeing how it has been affected, but I know the regrowth will be beautiful and beneficial for wildlife.

The "fire behavior specialist" associated with this fire said yesterday's rain was the equivalent to over 2 million fire truck loads of water...but the loosened soil may get rocks tumbling and trees falling.
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Good Morning!!!! 57F @ 7:15AM. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High around 75F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.

Glad you can keep track of all that, David. Sounds like you've got the belt'n'suspenders thing going strong. According to the Owner's manual, the little Honda EU6500is generator here can be fitted with an optional remote start plug. I've never bothered to do so, just as I don't keep a starter battery in it. One less battery to fool with, and it starts easily with the rope pull. I did convert it to run on propane, but haven't had the opportunity to run it that way in an outage since going solar.

Congrats on the variance, Paul. Quite an accomplishment, as those kind of things can be quite arbitrary at the regulatory level.

I think I read somewhere that Costco is constantly rearranging things so they can clean under the racks. I also hate that. No Costco pumpkin pie for us: Too bland. Picked up a sweet potato pie from Albertson's instead, recommended by a local authority. 8)

Speaking of Turkey Day, need to get out the Alton Brown cookbook and brush up on roasting the darn thing. Twelve pound Butterball for a buck a pound, with a digital coupon from Albertson's. Which I understand is in the Safeway family.

Got a reply from the mail person on the note I left her. It seems that the mail hold I set up was still in effect, expiring yesterday. Pretty sure I cancelled it, but I've made and altered/cancelled so many requests in the past six months it's hard to remember what happened when. In spite of marking them on the calendar every time. We'll see if the missing packages get delivered today.

Also learned that SunRun has not changed ownership of the solar power system here over to my name because they're waiting on a copy of the deed. They'd assigned a case manager to my account, but the person never bothered to let me in on the secret. I have a paper copy of it up north, but don't seem to have an e-copy on this laptop, something I'll have to look into after the holiday.

Moved a cabinet and shelf unit into a spare bedroom, along with most of the boxes of stuff that came from them. Got about half of it unpacked; will do more today. Procrastinated on the garage cleanup, so that's still on the menu.

Happy Hump Day/Thanksgiving Eve...
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68°F and .02 inches rain.

This morning I will attempt to sort thru the wiring maze to find the correct pairing. Whoever put together such an undocumented mesh should be shot, Me. IM sure it was totally sensible 4 years ago. Probably find the drawing when not looking for it.

And then the BX. Oh wait, been saying a couple days now.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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what a morning
thankfully despite raining the entire drive, the downpour waited til I got five minutes from the campground near Holden Beach SC. Went across the road to Holden Beach seafood and got some shrimp and crab for Thanksgiving treats. Shrimp will be my appetizer; brought some Kelchner cocktail sauce with me. Probably will make crab cakes out of the backfin crab for tonight. I even have some mustard and bread crumbs. And maybe a few drops of siracha sauce.

I'm at the very far end of a new rv campground that is basically a huge flat parking lot, everything paved with concrete pads. Very easy to get in and out. Not many folks here.
won't be taking pics for a while.
had to change my clothes when I got in from hooking up power.
pants were soaking wet
I'll wait til the rain stops (?) to finish hooking things up.

I left extra early this morning to try to avoid most of the heavier storms coming in now. Seems to have worked.
time for a nap

65 in Holden Beach, 41 tonight, cold weather dropping down

I passed some very nice marinas nearby, lots of big sportfishermen lined up with their sea of riggers and Carolina flare.
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68°F and .02 inches rain.

This morning I will attempt to sort thru the wiring maze to find the correct pairing. Whoever put together such an undocumented mesh should be shot, Me. IM sure it was totally sensible 4 years ago. Probably find the drawing when not looking for it.

And then the BX. Oh wait, been saying a couple days now.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
In a past life an engineer told me that if you ever want to piss off another engineer, just add a wire.

Seems that may be universally applied.
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Good morning! Low of 24°, heading towards 55°. We got 0.34" of rain and wet snow a couple of days ago. Maybe some more on Friday.

Got some things moved into the addition--- a sleeper chair, the wifey's plant stand w/ plants, and her sewing cabinets. May move the baker's rack (used as our desk) into there today, but all the computer stuff and bins of paperwork have to be removed first..... might wait on it for a couple days.

Then I will have the chance to get the shelves installed. I finished sanding them yesterday, but still need to stain them today. That is the last thing to do on the inside.

The outside needs to get the walkway repaired (new gravel) and associated border rocks. The other side needs a landscape bed extended and then 'ended' at the walkway. Probably going to go and get a load of stone to have it here for the weekend....(I'm no fool --- I have a big strapping Grandson and a tough, strong son available for manual labor for the next 5 days!).

Wifey started to precook some of the wonderful fixings for tomorrow. I/we are very thankful. With all that has gone on over the past few years, we could be in a very different situation. A favorite is her combo cheesecake / pumpkin pie. --- definitely a "2 slice" delicious dessert.

Kilroy, I'm a little late, but please wish your mom a belated birthday.

Drew, nice pics, thanks. Glad that Shorty was a nice guy. Good move to not get involved in the political arena....

Rip, sorry about the tree, but good that it was out in the open.

RNG, hope you get the solar company to transfer the ownership without too much difficulty. Why do they need a deed? --- sounds strange. You own the house / land.... they shouldn't need one. I'm getting tired just reading about you installing those overhead shelves......

Dennis, I'm envious that you got some seat time spreading gravel....

I am surprised at the fires back east.... there's always moisture and humidity there.... hopefully the recent rains gets them under control.

Way too many pages to get caught up on.... I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff....

Everyone have a great day and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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Looks like the weather is clearing, time to get the chain saw out.

Sinks finally made it back home. Look good. Only issue, the Milk House cabinet will not fit the sink. So if there is time available I will need to build out a new counter top.

Hey, I did not pick out the cabinet......

Other sink now in my study. Will reside on the floor until the entire kitchen gets gutted and rebuilt. Yes, rebuilt...not "renovated". Need to address floors and walls. Plus there is an old chimney lurking in there. LOL.

A project for next year. Years. LOL.
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cheesecake pumpkin pie
Ted can you overnight a big piece here?
it sounds wonderful

another round of rain, should be ending soon and a nice day in coastal Southern NC tomorrow but much cooler