Good morning!!!!

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Sound like a trusted family member needs to be the Power of Attorney for your father and write all the checks. It will only take a few months to get all the bills sent to the POA. My mom fell for the scam of a grandchild in jail she swore it was his voice. Good thing I was paying all the bills at this point.
Actually he does, my sister has POA and pays his bills. He still insisted sending $10 to get $1300 so he did, cash.... One of the calls, that comes multiple times a day by a computer generated voice, asks right away, Can you hear me? Fortunately he either says nothing, or yells "who is this?". lol
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Phil Happy Birthday to wife, nice work LS, hope mom gets better Kyle prayers sent, Mark P prayers for moms continued recovery, Don great news on knee progress, wngsprd prayers for mil continued recovery, m7040 two proud parents, may all have great evening
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It's sad to see all the scammers that call my dad. He can't hear them, but he want's to answer and talk. :mad: And his mail is all requests for donations. And he reads them all. I keep saying just throw them away. recently he sent money to a group that said they would get him $1300. Should be a law against this.
There is, but you gotta jump through a bunch of hoops. Better the scammers call a cop.
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well...I will not be working in the woods today. Luck on our side, no animals or out buildings were taken out.

Part of the morning routines are inspections of e v e r y t h i n g.

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It was rather windy last night.

That was a picturesque tree.
Good thin it didn't take out yur fence. Foggy mornings make for good pictures sometimes.
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Kyle , we hope your mom has such a great Thanksgiving that it takes her mind off the knee and that prayers around the tables will bring healing and releif to her.

Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving! (I've been ordered by SWMBO to stay off my phone, and laptop Thursday.) Catch up with yall Friday, Lord willing!