Good morning!!!!

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Good evening all. 73ºF for the start, overcast with periods of rain, breezy. light to moderate wind, overcast with some rain morning, mostly sunny afternoon, high temp was 80ºF. breakfast, then head to Pearl Harbor. We had purchased passports in addition to the Arizona ferry tickets. Starting with the Missouri Battleship tour, then to the aviation tour, Arizona visit, last was the submarine warfare tour and tour the sub as well. We were plum tuckered. No nap today. I hope to get to a more normal posting soon.


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Hope all have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Quiet day at home for us today, small turkey, stuffing, taters, squash and an apple pie with ice cream.
Plus a 'wedge' of sharp/aged cheddar cheese!

It's the same as a ploughman's lunch. Cheddar cheese truly compliments the apple.
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good morning all and Happy Thanksgiving
44 in Holden Beach NC, high of 61 today in sun
single space heater keeping rv at 67, just perfect
if it got any colder, I'd turn on the propane furnace.

looking at weather forecast for home next week. Wow is it cold, many nights in low 20's. And I didn't winterize the pressure washer yet, geez. That will be a top priority when I got home, just forgot.

no plans for today other than chilling out. Will put my turkey in toaster oven later this afternoon.
opened a container of Puerto Rican coffee I brought with me, something special for the holiday. sure tastes good

so the big question for today is 1pm or 5-6pm for the turkey?
growing up always did big holiday dinners at 1pm.
Or ham, or tofu, or whatever you are eating today.

I am thankful I live in a free country, have a loving family to support me and I'm still ticking despite taking some lickings.


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Coffee has been poured. 34° with partly cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 46° with mix of sun and clouds. Shopping went good. First store I stopped at had a fresh supply of pumpkin pies. When it finally cleared up in afternoon I got net and all PVC off garden pond. Going to neighbors for Thanksgiving dinner.
Sassy and I wishing everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to be Thankful for all his copious blessings, may we be at Least half as grateful as we should be.

31.6F, May approach 50, partly sunny but dry day forecasted.

didnt leave the house yesterday, minor projects interspersed with energy conservation. Took a sauna session, watched YouTubers covering the Macy’s balloon inflations, since we won’t be watching the actual parade today. Quite an interesting process. I wonder if after the parade they merely vent to atmosphere to deflate, or if there is a recovery system, since helium is getting scarcer as petroleum production continues to be curtailed?

We toook off Harry’s inflatable donut collar — he was quite glad to be rid of it. It was also his first day without Tramaaone, and he was extra-energetic… he will probably get a re-issue today for when we are out and about…

Hopefully the woodlot had enough time to dry a bit yesterday afternoon, since we plan on taking the dogs up for a quick walk this morning — Bailey has been sitting by “her” door of the Subaru every time we let her out and has been reluctant to come back in the house - there is no doubt what signals she is sending!

And a Happy Belated to Mrs Phil!!!

i hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed contemplative Thanksgiving!
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Sassy is looking especially cute for Thanksgiving.

autoleveling does a decent job. Not perfect, doesn't have to be but nice that anything round is not rolling away. I could adjust it manually to dead center this if I wanted. Once autoleveling is done, I put out the very small living room slide. That weight is enough to move the level a little bit to this side...

finished an e muffin, had to put the main heat on for a few minutes, using toaster oven also helped. Main heat now off for the day. As soon as the sun comes up, radiant heating works well due to marginal insulation.


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