Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!!!! 51F @5:00AM. A mix of clouds and sun. High around 70F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

Glad to celebrate all the healing and birthdays out there this morning. Lots to be thankful for.

More unpacking yesterday, hopefully the last of the books. Found the boxes of reloading equipment in the pile, so I'll try to get that onto shelves before guests show up for dinner. One, maybe two couples coming over for bachelor turkey this afternoon.

Quick run yesterday to the WalMart grocery store for a roasting pan and a few other items, not crowded at all. Then sat through a long line at the gas pumps at Costco. Fortunately I didn't need anything inside the store. Now all set to get it all cooked. Twelve and a half pound fresh Butterball will go in the oven at 11AM, out by 2:30PM or so for a 3 PM serving.

Somewhere in there we hope to go on a short bicycle ride, the first for me on a new-to-me e-bike built by one of my friends down here. Something of a hand me down. It has a very heavy motor in the front wheel hub, something I've never seen before. And a hand throttle, a bit like a motorcycle. Batteries were charging all night, but they're old so no telling how much range the thing has. Got a little park picked out as a destination, only three miles away. Worst comes to worst, I'll give my pal the van keys and ask him to come back and get me.😳🤣

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Many years ago when I was boat shopping, there was a fifty foot Trojan for sale in Montreal, PQ. The woman that contacted me told he that she had the survey done and that I didn't need one. She wouldn't tell me the location of the boat so I could send/hire my own surveyor. She wanted to 'skip' the survey part of the transaction and go straight to the haulage part. I took all the information I had on it to the O.P.P. They told me it was most likely a scam. I did eventually get me a boat, but I did it through a dealer.

I absolutely h a t e scammers. The scum of the earth, just below a snakes' belly button and one step down from insurance companies.
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Happy Birthday to Mrs. Phil!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from our family to yours! We all have blessings, the half of which we don't even realize. I'm thankful for the Lord's provisions, my family, the freedoms we have, my in person friends and my online friends, my job, safe travels.....the list is long....

It is 46F cool and cloudy here, chance of showers.

Time to go feed the cat, let out the chickens and feed them. Then start preparing the food!
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Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for my mom.
They are giving her O2, and her O2 levels are around 93. I wish I knew what her O2 levels were, prior to this episode. Driving her to the hospital, I saw as low as 73 on my finger monitor.
Lasix to help clear her lungs. Doc says "congestive heart failure". I'm almost certain it was brought on by the hamburger and onion rings we enjoyed Tuesday for lunch. Too much sodium.
She also has internal bleeding in her urine, that they are trying to figure out.

I will know more after a sitrep this morning.