Good morning!!!!

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Morning all, 45 going up to 52 and sunny.
Getting ready to start the Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving all !

Dog had a bath yesterday and took her for a walk at Peddlers village, they had their 'lighting" last week.

Some general cleanup around the house and then ran out of energy.
Son has been driving back and forth to town with the wifey, he is getting some good practice in.
Wife made me a separate apple pie with no added sugar, these come out really great!
Took a while for me to get the apples sliced paper thin, glad I can still do that by hand.

Mark - great news, good timing for thanksgiving!

Happy birthday Mr.s Mpham !

Kyle - hope they figure out how to stabilize your mom quick. My O2 goes down to 90 all the time. so no panic and don't try to take O2 while on the move, too inaccurate.

Be well,

At Peddlers village for dog walk. She loves all the attention and gets to meet lots of dogs.

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ouch, almost forgot that fellow Americans have turkey orgies today :ROFLMAO:

In this side of world today is just a regular day.
Some shops try to push Black Friday agenda, but even that doesnt look like something wow here.

Anyway - happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!

P.S. really happy to read about those who are improving 👍 💪
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Drew, we are going to split the difference...... growing up, we also had the meal at 1:00pm... probably for 40 years. We would still prefer to do so....

Unfortunately, most of our family now eats much later.... like 6 or 7 pm.....
So, we compromised to have the meal around 3 pm.

All this holiday stuff requires too much coordination these days........
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68°F and no rain. Prefer not to see any until tonight.

Turkey all prepped. Want to get it
Into the Primo about 8. Then I can get the ham ready. Expect we will be about 27 folks this year.

Got an unexpected UPS delivery from Amazon. Original tracking said next week. 5 of the 6 chairs we had ordered for our gaming table. Took about 4 hours to assemble. Of course 1st one took longest as I did it twice. One screw has to be put in very early in process. Not difficult, just tedious. I got better.
Will be interesting to see who comments, especially 5 vs 6.

Everyone take a break, enjoy the day with family and friends.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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I got industrious and earned my big meal.
spray waxed the whole rv in beautiful 59 degree sunshine.
Won't get a chance to do it when I get home, too cold.
then I cleaned up the e bike and took it for a ride all over the place.
honestly not much to see here, bunch of folks sitting around chilling out.
then since after a total of ten miles I finally got the battery gauge to go down one notch out of eight, I put it on the charger. Super convenient to have that outside outlet right there.

now some rest and then see what kind of mess I can make in this little kitchen.


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Pearl Harbor is a national treasure. Actually getting on the Memorial quite the experience. Last trip we particularly enjoyed the aviation museum.

Glad to hear you are having s good trip Mostly.
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44F and sunny @ 12:30, heading up to around 47F for the day's high. Ten Day looking pretty bleak: no highs above 43F after today + quite a few 30's, and plenty of low's in the 20's.

Woman and I made the run down to Menards last evening and pick up the order and the heater for the garage.

Goofy kid at the register when we went to pay for the heater.

On the previously placed order Menards indicated that I needed to pull the two 10' lengths of black pipe while they would pull the rest of the items. Had the kid at the plumbing desk call for someone to pull a heater (they keep them in back on pallet racks) and bring it up for us. Got that loaded onto the cart (along with some furnace filters and light bulbs) and headed to the register to pay.

Tried to explain to the young whippersnapper there that I only wanted to pay for the heater, filters, and bulbs and to skip the pipe ... since the pipe was part of an order I had already placed and it was designated as "Customer Picks" and once paid for the other stuff I would be going out through the back and Order Pickup would check the pipe out as part of the previously placed order.

Young kid promptly informs me "THAT'S NOT HOW THEY DO IT. ... HE HAS WORKED IN THE BACK AND HE KNOWS"

Uh-huh, sure Skippy.

Well, then you might want to call Corporate and tell them to skip sending me the email that tells me I have to pull it.

So then he wants to see the email ... which of course I don't have on my phone. Nor do I have the printed paperwork ... because the printer crapped out just as I went to print it. 🤬

This prompts him to call over a young lady manager from Customer Service and he promptly scurries off to inform her of his take on the situation, just out of my hearing range.

So I walked over to the end of the checkout where they were and tried to explain the situation to her. She ended up totally befuddled as to what to do ...

About that time a 3rd (older thankfully) lady manager shows up and I explain the situation to her ... and she is like:

"Yeah ... what's the big deal ? ... just have him pay for the items he needs to pay for ... and then he's going out through the Order Pickup area in the back and they will handle the two pieces of pipe ..."

Well Duh.


I didn't say a word ... beyond thanking the kid for his "efforts" ... such as they were.

Was going to hit Eadies Fish House on the way home for dinner but they had closed early ... so we settled for Arby's which was decent ... but a poor substitute for Eadies.

Made it back home with no further difficulties.

Woman currently making green bean casserole and a couple of pies.

Big gathering over relatives at 15:00, expecting around 20 I believe.

Need to go get ready for that.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving !