Good morning!!!!

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seems I have a culinary challenge
forgot to pack the can opener
Oceanspray cranberry sauce can requires an opener.

so....I'll make the rounds later asking a neighbor to open
my can of cranberry sauce
will take some grapefruit and oranges as a thank you, still plenty left in the cooler.

had to chuckle, am running out of sugar for coffee also.
remember the old Charles Adam cartoon where the huge ogre
goes to a neighbor asking for a cup of sugar?
not trying my luck with that.
but I did look it up.
neighbor etiquette

Neighbor etiquette traditionally references "a cup of sugar" rule where neighbors feel comfortable borrowing things from each other. However, only half (53%) of homeowners 25 and older who have neighbors are likely to ask their neighbors for a "cup of sugar," whether literally borrowing something or asking for help from those that live near them.
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Daughter made punch.
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Good evening all. 75ºF for the start, mostly cloudy, breezy. Moderate wind, Sky clearing to partly cloudy, and high temp was 82ºF. Today was spent at our lodgings, good chunk of day at the pool. Great granddaughter figured out I was fun to play with so we player for hours. :love: Did get nap in, dinner at 4:30, we forgot mac and cheese again. beef kabobs, ham, scallop potatoes, salad, cheesecake for desert.
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.
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Good morning people !
Time to wake up already !

reading your posts I can tell that most of you for breakfast today can have cup of coffee. And 3 miles walk :ROFLMAO:

Not much to say. +2 C, raining. Most of snow has melted

Have to run some office errands. One important online meeting in 30 minutes

Then go to city, pick-up boys from school

maybe will do some online shopping for presents. Have to "scan" few pages
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good morning all
up too early, coffee is brewing
47 in Holden Beach NC.
looking at all those food pics, I still don't feel hungry, yet.
Kyle, that turkey pastry is precious.

Mostly glad you had fun with family.
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Coffee is brewing. 22° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 33° with some a few clouds. Thanksgiving dinner was great. I did not over eat. Watched the Lions loose a game. Found a couple of Black Friday items I want. Will do some early morning shopping. Then do some moving of equipment in animal barn and pole barn.
November Beaver Full Moon will be Monday morning. That's if we get rid of the forecasted cloudy skies. Caught this picture this morning.

Good to see all the Thanksgiving wishes.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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37 going to 53.

Helo, you're right about a cup coffee and long walk.

Glad your families had a nice Thanksgiving and the food sounds/looks delicious. Lou, quite the menu. Kyle, such a creative pastry and beautiful punch presentation. Thomas, homemade blueberry pie, yum!

I prepared the entire Thanksgiving meal myself this year, since my wife has continued to need to stay with her mom. First time I have done much more than deep fry a turkey or make last year's Turchetta. She came home yesterday afternoon, just in time, and spent the night here for the first time in 3 weeks. I roasted the turkey using a recipe that I got asking was provided from a website called DamnDelicious...and it was. I brined it the day before...really made it moist.

I also made a simmered cinnamon and caramel apple trifle for dessert...a recipe from the Costco magazine, of all places, and it was incredible. Especially since I hadn't had any sweets for a month...trying to eliminate/severely reduce sugar intake to see if it helps reduce inflammation in some of my joints. I'd say after a month it's been a success. Haven't touched the ibuprofen jar in a while, even after a big hike. Don, I might need some help going any further/all the way. My wife loves cinnamon and apples and caramel. I eat apples we both really liked this trifle.

I had time to think of many things for which I'm grateful, and certainly my wife was at the top. Tomorrow makes 45 years married.

She's going back today to visit her mom, and I'm sending food, especially trifle. Otherwise, I'll be too tempted.