Good morning!!!!

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Good Afternoon Bill,
I can still handle the chains but its getting tougher every year ! I have to mow about 7 or 8 acres of field twice a year, I could probably do it with the chains on but prefer not to.

You have a few pounds on me, I am at 190 after vacation ;), but normally around 182, so Im guessing you have a little more muscle than me !
Scott, I am 6'4" of mostly flab, but that is all my fault. I am active in the summer when I am working. Not so much in winter except for 3 hours plowing snow whenever we get enough to actually plow.
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Good evening all. 73ºF for the start, mostly cloudy, breezy. Light to moderate wind, variable cloudiness, and high temp was 81ºF. Started day with brisk walk with grandson-in-law, his da, and great granddaughter. After breakfast went over to Waikiki Beach, did some light walking and wading. Wanted to keep head out of water, just got water out of ears from other day. Very short nap. Only 2 days in paradise :(
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Coffee is done brewing. 18° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 36° before dropping back below freezing and leaving some snow. Got tractor and Mule oil and filters changed. Snow plow is ready to be put on tractor. Do not think I will need it this time. Need to move ice melt to back porch. Shovels are ready for any snow on walkways.

Prayers and best wishes for everyone.

Good Morning All.
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good Sunday morning all
48 in Virginia Beach
rain predicted over whole area today, trying to get to DE before most of it hits, so I'll be off fairly early.
coffee still brewing, no coffee, no brain...
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26 right now high in low 40s never made it out of 30s yesterday

Watched a lot of football with wife yesterday she really enjoyed

Prayers for all our Country
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stay warm Buppies

I had to chuckle at this sign. It's a reprint of what they hand out to you, in three full pages of rules and regulations.
I just want to know who will stand in front of this sign and read all
39 some rules

I wonder if an e bike falls into category of motorized bicycles...I think this sign was made long before e bikes

rain started early, can hear it on the roof
time for more coffee


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little too much foam for me Frits, but then I'm not much of a beer drinker. About one inch of foam looks right.
I'm sure there are other opinions?? ;) :oops:

if that was the "perfect beer" my apologies. Too much foam in my nose and beard.

nothing like having a beer while a lion chews on your pants...
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There was a large turnout for the auction, at least 65 people. The up side of the auction, is dad inherits 1/4 of our cousins estate. But hated to see property leave the family that has been in the family since the government sold it after Ohio became a state.
My GG grandfathers brother probably built the house and barn as he was original owner of my grandfathers farm.
Inside the grainery still looked good. Look at the cuts in the log barn walls.

But quite frankly, what would I have done with it. We will have our farm to deal with sometime. It’s better land.
You have history and Memories...priceless.
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24F cloudy sky might reach 40F.rain snow combo starting after 8pm.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...couple outside putter jobs,check game cams,watch NYG vs NE P for last place 🙄 guess we shall see what the day offers.

Enjoy your day all.