Good morning!!!!

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59 high of 80 today over one inch of rain this week still I inch down. Five hours of sleep is not cutting it.

Nice turkey Ron

Prayers for all our Country
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Good morning! 69˚F heading only to the mid 70s with a good chance of rain.
Little Hospice will have to go to the vet today, he has an infection in his paw.
We got the moving truck from the realtor and hopefully can get the "extra stuff" moved to the new house to make this house look good when it hits the market next week.
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good morning all
a cloudy 61 going up to 68 today, cloudy all day
picking up some cheese steaks from NJ Mikes later this morning and taking them over to BIL
who is home with his new knee. I hope this second knee works great for him. Once his wife said they had already talked
to someone about getting involved in existing class action suit on the recalled knee, which he didn't tell me,
I told her I bowed out of giving advice.
When someone thinks they know all there is about legal actions, I smile quietly and exit stage left. Her husband is a
not well educated know it all. I grind my teeth and be quiet.

when someone says this doctor of theirs is the best, and that doctor is the best, and of course this other thing is the best,
well time not to discuss, won't end well. I just try to find the positive in the situation, and extract myself as soon as possible.

sixteen bucks for a full size hoagie at NJ Mikes. Guess no pushback on prices for them

then a school board finance meeting by zoom at 5pm. Already studied the spreadsheets sent out,, all looks well, a routine meeting.
Then another meeting, an open house for the new construction, tomorrow afternoon. Spring is a busy time for schools. But I go off the board end of June so trying to make all the meetings before then. 9 years is enough for me.

Don, watch your back.
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55 outside this AM, wet, fog rolling in, humid, heading to upper 70's today. Suppose to be rain free today, before another round starts.

Mushrooms are popping up all over.

With the rain yesterday, nothing got done. Just tended to the animals and did household chores.

Today, well late in the day, I need to take the wifes tractor around the perimeter of the property for cleanup and trail maintenance.

Our turkey population is way down so far this year. I have seen only three at the most in the back. Usually they number in the thirties and forties.

Hope all have a great day, be safe. Those ailing, get well soon.
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Good to hear you are still splitting our ribs. I'd bring you a rack of raw asparagus with no salt!

There are but a few things that, when they suck, it is a good thing. I have used a central vac before, and it worked well, but the hose was really long. The thing I liked the most about it was it took all the microscopic dust out to the garage closet, which had a switched exhaust fan.

Don, would love to see some more "peeks" of your new home.
Kyle you are right about the central vac. The long hose is a pain but the exhaust directly to outside and the powerful suck is very nice.
Here is a pic in the back yard where the rack of asparagus can be cooked.