Good morning!!!!

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Wow that was a lot of color in that Tom Turkey!

Will reach close to 90F in Nevada today. I'm off to CA where it will be about 10 degrees cooler.

Need to get all the regular irrigation and drip irrigation going-- its usually two days to get it all done. For some reason, tripod sprinklers and battery timers "go bad" over the winter so I always have to buy some replacements.

Have a great day!!!
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58 going to 80. Another shower last night...and it rained, too.

LS, sorry you are having stressful family issues. Prayers.
We might have to fly in the TBN rescue helicopter for a BBQ Mission......
Get to the choppa!

Ron, strutters are really something to behold. Did this one gobble for you?

Should we call it Castle Don, or Castle Caren (K?). Such a beautiful place...can see why you'll make this move for it.

Yesterday was the usual puppy day, with a dump run and hike to the river thrown in.

Last night Samsung upgraded my phone to a new software version that includes AI...including live translations of spoken I wish they could automatically tell the spam callers to go to **** computer language that the auto dialers understand. (I typed my own asterisks this time.)
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Rip, speaking of mushrooms, been seeing a lot of Indian Pipes in the forest.
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Good Morning!!!! 53F @ 4:00AM. Cloudy early with peeks of sunshine expected late. Expect mist and reduced visibilities at times. High near 65F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.
The high in Yankee Hill was 94 yesterday, 14F above average and the high for the year so far. Late in the day an arsonist lit at least four fires, which fortunately were contained to 20 acres. Only five miles from the house up there. They're calling for 88F for the high today, about the time I'll get there.

Busy day yesterday, with working on the motorcycle in the morning, another late lunch, and someone wanting to buy the inversion table that never did me any good. They were an hour late showing up, right in the middle of me trying to get the car washed. Only took a few minutes to get him on his way, so it all worked out OK. Almost forgot to put the cover over it; the whole reason for washing it. Spent the rest of the afternoon packing tools and supplies for the work up north. Also got a hit on the 24' box trailer I'm trying to sell; guy said he wants to see it Saturday.

I'm up too early and couldn't get back to sleep; just too much going on. Gonna be a long drive, but at least I'm not having to drag a trailer this time.

Hang in there, gang, Friday's comin'!
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good morning, rained most of the day yesterday today looks nice and dry

L4N nice to hear you are doing well after that scary episode and good to see Drew doing well also

Kyle the shingles vax did not cause any side effects other than a sore arm for a couple days

Went up to Bendersville and picked up a new log splitter. Decided to upgrade to save my shoulder with a hydraulic log lift.