Good morning!!!!

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64F with a steady, moderate rain shower @ 12:00, calling for a high of 70F. Rain chances tapering off over the next several hours.

LWS reports 0.85" accumulation since midnight.

Going to schedule a couple of online payments then prepare some mealworms and refill the feeder on the way up to the shop.

Then work on the lift cylinder once I get up there, hopefully get that finished up today.

Hope everyone is having a decent Friday ... (y)
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71°F and .1 inches rain

Guys lost H&F, but the Garlic Honey Shrimp stir fry was excellent.

Off to Hilo this morning. A few errands and Sophie has ophthalmologist appointment. Evaluation and hopefully another laser procedure.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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I got back to the room after the afternoon session of pt and promptly went to bed. If it wasn't for the little girl that checks my blood sugar i would have slept through supper. When i sleep on my left side, the only way i know you are there is if you touch me. Yell all you want, i am deaf as a post on the right
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So I didn't wait too long, and decided to mow wet or not. I figured up on top would be dryer. Was just going to mow the field in back, but once I got 1/3 done, decided to do the hill, then along the creek. So when I got the rest of the field mowed, I mowed the front again, that I had just mowed monday. Wife had made a comment about it being tall, and I told her, that's what I just mowed. So got it all done. Then after a quick sandwich for a late lunch, got the BX out with the chainsaw, and cut the cherry tree on other side of creek, that the power line people decided to cut down a couple yrs ago, and left me a mess to clean up (It did not need to be cut down ). once I cut the tree in 3 long pieces, used tractor to push all the wood into a pile near the edge. Since I had the BX mower, went ahead and mowed everything across the creek also. Had to pick up several more large branches that had come down since I cleaned up in the spring. Might be the first time I've mowed all of my property here in the same day.
Went and picked up chinese food for supper, that was good...
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Just came in from another perimeter run with the tractor. Lost a hazard lens light cover somewhere. Man that sucks. Manage to move the two trees off the trail chainsaw needed. Continued to mow. Grasses were way too tall...should have been cut weeks ago. Is done. Will have to seriously trim some trees back off the paths. Mother nature works quick.
Rain started up again...don't need it.
Hope all have a pleasant evening. Here I am grilling and popping cold ones.
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Good (Saturday) morning. Overnight Low of 2.8C and it's presently 13.3C, high, wispy clouds with occasional wind. No rain yesterday arvo, although it 'threatened' to.

It was a quick Parish Council meeting last evening. I took on the task of getting a 100th BD card today for a parishioner. I have no idea who 'the birthday girl' is. :) So, a quick trip 'into town' will happen today.

That's about it, take care all.
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60F cloudy won't see the moon stars tonight.

Was good afternoon...cut clean another tall dead pine tree by the driveway :) thank goodness for hydraulics. (y)

Plans for the evening feet up until bed time.

Enjoy your evening all.

Boo standing guard this evening.

Muscles and bones thanking Kubota.


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This morning I watched a video that showed more than thirty spot fires that were started by that arsonist day before yesterday. And sometime in the next few days, that madman will get a hearing in front of a judge to determine if he'll be set free with only $17,000 in bail. Shockingly, this isn't the first time he's been caught lighting fires. The whole neighborhood is up in arms, and it looks like the courtroom will be packed...

Very sad.

I was in HD today. Amazed at how much stuff is locked up. Penalize the customers but not prosecute the thieves. I didn’t realize we had that bad a problem locally. There has to be better methods that do not inconvenience the legit customer. Unless I’m really needing something immediately I’ll not look for the person with key, just order online.