Good morning!!!!

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good morning, Raining

Moved some yesterday still more to mowe when the rain stops

replaced the hydraulic hose on the tractor and it failed first time I used it. Went back and had it remade again and this time it was fine. No more leaks

Took down a couple of tall trees blocking access. They were also about to crush some bushes that wife holds dear. Grabbed it with the tractor and with a lot of overhang was able to move them off the bushes

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good Saturday morning all
was hoping to get lots done today but looks like more wet weather coming in.

Thomas, great tractor pics. thank goodness for hydraulics.

Bill, hope you are feeling better this morning and that outlook improves.

Riptides, hard to keep up with field grass in the Spring, particularly after lots of rain.
bet it felt good getting it done

maybe I'll get going early before rain comes, nice to have light coming in windows at 5:30am.
if I see light, and i'm in bed, hard to stay there. Except if it's raining.

I'm with Popgadget and a natural fire. The big challenge is not exhausting house heat out the chimney after midnight.
I always wondered if a glass door was worth it, pain to keep clean, but once heat is in the house, you want it to stay there.

working on plans for Lapp Structures in Quakertown to build a small mower shed for me, so I can get stuff out of garage.
I realized I only need one set of movable ramps, that saves a bunch of money, since the Gravely doesn't get used that much.

feeling pretty good this morning.
hope you all are too
Just pile some stone at the doors.
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61 outside, raining. Sigh. The temp may be the high for today.

Not sure what I will get into today. Lots of day job, ketchup (LOL). Boss wants answers. Must be important stuff. Hint: After hours and weekend, is important. No big deal, it's a washout today.

Ordered new lens cap from Messicks last night. Took a spin around the property and could not find it. If I hit a branch it was not a big one. More like cedar and brush.... Kind of sucks. Twenty bucks is beer money.

Need to go check on the animals and get the coffee going.

Hope all have a good start to the day. Stay safe, stay dry.
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I'm curious, what failed in the hose?
not sure but the crimping must have been defective and fluid getting into a layer of the hose to make it pose out like that. It was not leaking but would not be long I am sure before it would. Never seen this before
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Good Morning,
Ct, 54 to start going to 67 ! Looks to be a cloudy day !

We have our oldest sons kids this weekend! They came yesterday so we went out for pizza last night ! This morning Opa is making bacon and eggs for the kiddos ! At 9 we take them for swim lessons and the this afternoon we go to a local nature center ! Our day is pretty filled up so I’m not getting much done around the house ! 😁

Hope all have a good day ! 🙏
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Good Morning! It's going to be a hot one! 70˚F, S wind, no clouds, heading to 90˚.

Little Hospice, our inherited 20 year old cat, had to go to the vet with two ingrown claws. So my wife and I split jobs yesterday- she took care of Hospice and I used the whole house vacuum to clean the house, There are 6 vacuum ports spaced to reach all the floors. I love it and it only took 35 minutes. The wand is big and powerful and all exhaust goes to the outside. Since the unit is in the garage all you hear is the whoosing of the suction inside.

Glad I got the "new" yard mowed yesterday when it was only 81˚F. The new house sits on a half acre so no more postage stamp with one tree. I did not count the trees but there are about a dozen live oaks, I did count the hedges as I was trimming them with the EGO hedge trimmer - 99. They are all different shapes some like pyramids, some square, some round, some barrel shaped looks very pretty.
After doing the yard the pool looked very inviting but the water temp was 75˚ after the rains. I like it at 83˚. So I just walked on the steps thigh high to cool off.
The water robot cleaned about 85% of the storm leaves, I'll give it one more chance today after I recharge it. It might have to be returned. My wife thinks it's cute the way it cleans the walls.

For those with pools is there a cleaning robot that does an excellent job?
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Good Morning
59° with a high of 65 and a slight chance of rain under partly cloudy skies.

Yesterday was a busy day getting ready for construction to start on Monday.
Had to clear out the area where the addition attaches to the house, here’s the before-

And here is the after-


It went pretty well, it was just me, the trusty Stihl MS261 and the tractor with the grapple, but we got it done.

The contractor dropped off some equipment while I was working-

Grandson will be in heaven on Monday.

Did some chores, we had a good band rehearsal last night, made a list of 30 songs and played them straight through. It was good exercise for a batch of old guys.

Gonna get going and make French toast for breakfast. Just me and the daughter, wife is at farmers market.
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For those with pools is there a cleaning robot that does an excellent job?
Polaris. I have their basic model. Been running them over 30 years.

This one has maybe 20 years on it, Polaris 360. Just needed new plastic parts for the sweeper hose as they literally wore out going back and forth. LOL.

They can get expensive, I don't see why. The cleaning methods are basically the same. Run around underwater and filter stuff.
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Good Morning!!!! 63F @ 5:15AM. Sunny. High 88F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.
Seems like someone flipped a switch somewhere and we went almost directly from winter into summer up here. Oh, but wait. In real summer, the temps will reach 115F for weeks on end.

I'm in the same boat with tall grass, Mike. Probably up to the hood on the tractor in some places, so today I'll make a start. Still have that stump to deal with at the top of the hill; maybe a digging bar will be enough leverage to get it to roll off the cliff.

Is the deafness caused by the stroke, Bill?

Happy to read the dizzy spells have abated, Drew. Hope they stay away for your trip.

The arsonist had his court hearing yesterday, and fortunately the judge denied bail. The DA also added ten counts of felony arson to the charges, so I don't think we'll be seeing this fellow for a good, long time.

Managed to get the busted hose replaced on the grapple without too much drama, but first time I used it a bunch of liquid ran out from somewhere onto the driveway. It turned out to be water, not hydraulic fluid, so I dodged a bullet on that one. I was trying to stand the 5x8 utility trailer up on the back end, and nearly managed it, but the hitch kept fouling grapple. Tried again with the forks, but couldn't get enough lift. Gonna have to find a better pick point on the trailer, or just be content painting only the top side. Or just blow off painting it all together and use some of the funds from selling the implements to purchase a nice aluminum motorcycle trailer that won't rust in the elements.

While I had the forks on I moved the tractor implements out of the grassy area to bare dirt so I could mow. That area never had grass on it before this year, but with all the rain we had over the winter, it sure does now. Once I had the implements out where I could see them, I shot photos and got them up on Facebook Marketplace and Craig's List. Got lots of "is it still available" responses, which were ignored, as usual. One fella is supposed to come over to look at the big box trailer, but when I went to find the registration papers, it seems I left them down in Orcutt. I'll break that news when he sets the time for his visit, so we'll see if he's still interested then.

This morning will start with installing four new rubber bumpers on the drop gate on that big box trailer. I ordered them almost a year ago, and they only resurfaced while packing for the move. Nothing like waiting for the last minute, huh?

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!