Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, the low is 45 and the high to 61°F. Wind E 7 mph. Showers and possible T-storms.

Looks like today will be an energy conservation day.

When I saw the shape of some of the others in the stroke rehab ward, I consider myself real lucky.

This is a weekend to reflect on the past conflicts
and the some that gave all.

Have a safe day all
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Morning all!
50 going to a sunny 80 with low wind.
Sorry to hear all the health issues going on! Hoping for a full recovery for all!
Going to get the garden all planted today. Might try and get some of the grass mowed if time allows.
Niece is supposed to come over for a headlight swap on her car this afternoon.
After 34 years it's time for a new furnace and hot water unit. Been shopping around all week at different companies.
Nothing in the shop this week. With visitors staying over and family coffee day Thursday things got away from me! Oh well. Maybe next week.
Monday looks wet around here. Hopefully will hold off long enough for the festivities to be held. This might be the last year for our great nephew to participate so don't want to miss it. He goes to a different school next year.
Enough rambling...
Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
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43F clear sky mid 70's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...4 hours at part store,afternoon final touches on garden and flower boxes before planting tomorrow.

Enjoy your day all.
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Good Morning
53° and a bright sun shining. High of 85 and mostly sunny forecast.

Yesterday’s trip to FL went pretty well, good weather at both ends, some storms over MD and the Carolina’s, but we were on top of it all. Ate lunch over the Atlantic on the way home, car was back in the garage by 2:15.
Contractors were all gone by then, but I can see that they were productive.




I did some checking on the best pricing for the hePEX for the radiant heat, not surprisingly, was better than the local plumbing supplies. You do have to be registered as a contractor with them to get that price though.

Didn’t accomplish much else. Watched the grandson make the first plunge into the just opened (and cold) pool. Was in bed by 8.

No construction until Tuesday, not a lot planned for today, maybe take the little plane out to lunch, maybe get some RC flying in. Maybe sit around in the shade and do nothing, but that’s unlikely as I always find something to keep me busy.

Just remembered that a neighbor wants me to charge up the AC on his 140hp New Holland tractor, so that might be the first order of business after breakfast. Wife is at a Farmers market, daughter is getting around pretty well, usually without even a cane, so maybe we will go out for breakfast.
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Here's the whole house reversed,

We built a residence recently. At framing stage, the owner of the construction company walked through it with us. He suggested enlarging the master bedroom window and I'm glad he did. So we had it re-framed for a larger window. Upsizing a window is relatively inexpensive but you enjoy it forever. Another consideration is whether to use a fogged glass type window in the bathroom. We did that for one of the bathrooms for privacy. Good luck!

Heading to a sunny 66F today. We are off for another puppy visit today. Lots of driving for a short time with pups but worth it.

Everyone have a great day !!!!
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Good Morning,
Vt, 45 to start going to mid 70’s. Another beautiful sunny day ! Kathleen and I got out on Lake St. Catherine for a short ride later yesterday afternoon, but had to get back to the house for the youngest son and his family ! It was quite windy but still nice out on the water !

Phil, good luck in search for a new furnace. Are you looking for a boiler?

Ron beautiful picture this morning!

Had to cut the lawn pretty much twice yesterday, and will have to cut again on Sunday! I also took my weight barrel off of the 3 pt and put the bush hog on. I like to trim each side of the DW with the bush hog to clean it up a bit !

I noticed that my boat registration will expire by the end of June, so should be getting something in the mail shortly!

No real plans for today, maybe a little time in the shop to work on those oak sawhorses that I started a few weeks back. I need to be up here alone to concentrate on building those rockers, and I’m definitely not alone this weekend! 😉

Bill, glad to see your much improved on your health !

Hope all have an excellent Saturday!

Remember our Veterans! 🙏
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Good Morning,
Vt, 45 to start going to mid 70’s. Another beautiful sunny day !

Remember our Veterans! 🙏
That's a nice thought but this Memorial Day is about the ones that didn't make it back, Veterans Day is Nov 11th.
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Good Morning! 77˚F heading to 97˚, S wind.
The old house was listed yesterday, today will be the open house. My wife bought a pretty yellow hibiscus plant for the front door. The ring doorbell caught a deer eating her hibiscus to a nub last night.

At the new house found 4 more light bulbs to replace, The one in the shower was a hard one till I figured it out. Took off and cleaned the outdoor kitchen vent hood filters. Easy Off oven spray and a hard water blast made the job easy. The water temp was 84˚ so I went for my first swim, refreshing. Then back to the old house to mow the yard for the open house - heat index 102˚ when I finished at 8pm. Don't know how many people will show up today for the open house being a holiday weekend, but we will be counting via ring from our new house.
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63 outside right now, heading to upper 80's.

Lots of walking yesterday. Memorial event and weed whacking. More of the same today. First time ever, pool is not open on this holiday coming up. I should tackle that today. Maybe.

Hope all have a good weekend. Remember those who paid the price for our country. Be safe. Those ailing, get better.
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Good Morning!!!! 51F @ 5:15AM. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High near 75F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

Beautiful goldfinch, Ron. Haven't seen any out here yet to tell if they've changed out of their winter coats yet.

Yesterday I caught two young bucks sleeping on the front porch, Don. Their mother looks like she's about to drop another couple fawns, and she's the one that taught them to do that. Good luck on the open house. I don't think the holiday will deter a serious buyer from attending, but it may weed out the Lookie Lous.

Pretty much finished mowing yesterday morning, but I have to confess that I mowed less of the property than ever before. I didn't mow under the trees on the steep hillside, partly because the oaks tend to keep the grass from growing, but mostly because of low hanging limbs and steep slope. I also didn't mow as far down hill in the back as before, mainly because the grass is pretty dry and very high, and I didn't like the idea of sliding downhill on the slippery clippings. I'll end up using the weed wacker to get at the stuff on the steepest parts, but once I get 100' defensible space from the house, I won't cut it.

I also ran into some problems with the tractor stopping, not responding at all to the Speed Control Pedal. Engine runs fine, just no motion. Sometimes stepping on the pedal to reverse direction gets things moving again, sometimes turning the steering wheel from side to side works, sometimes I have to kill the ignition and restart. Started another thread here to ask opinions, and have a few things to check. Was going to change the HST filter yesterday only to learn that the oil filter wrench is down south. Maybe next trip.

I did finish wire wheeling the inside of the trailer, but by then the wind was blowing pretty good and the temps were up, so I'll get the Metal Prep on this morning and finish painting tomorrow.

The unauthorized charge on one of the VISA cards posted yesterday, so the bank is reissuing the card with a new number. That charge came from, BTW.

A couple days ago I started watching the HBO mini series on the WWII Pacific theater. It follows several characters through their own personal experiences during the war, and really brought home how horrific those battles were. An appropriate way to remember and appreciate those sacrifices on this Memorial Day weekend.