Good morning!!!!

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I call it tunnel vision. I have found things that are in places that I have already looked. I have good vision. But my mind is looking for some other color or position.

Bingo, especially color.
Sophie gives me no end of grief when I finally find something where I already looked 3 times, but even worse if SHE finds it where I said I already looked. She and the other wives call it a male thing.
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Composed the following post in a text editor when TBN was down yesterday, was too tired to post it after we finished up yesterday:

Good morning !

63F and mostly cloudy @ 10:30 … but Sun trying to peek out now …

Only calling for a high of 69F today with a stray shower or thunderstorm possible. Maybe a long pants and shirt day.

We got 0.74” of rain yesterday, and then another 0.13 since midnight. Things will be growing.

Got 6 gallons of glyphosate mixed up yesterday morning and both sprayers reloaded.

Decided to run down to MickeyD’s for a McMuffin, forgot about the parade, had to reroute to get around that. Couldn’t believe how many were out for it … even with it raining. Biggest crowd I’ve ever seen here in our little city.

After I got back I decided to have a little nap. Set my alarm for 14:30 and went back to bed around 10:30.

Woman was headed out to Marc’s when I got up, apparently they had a deal on slabs of ribs and apple pies …

She got back around 16:30 and then we headed down to Menards.

That didn’t go entirely smoothly … they were out of mulch and only had 2 of the foam-filled tires for the little rolling garden stool (They were supposed to have 4 in stock)

I took the 2 tire/wheels they had and went ahead and paid for another 30 bags of mulch, should get a text message/email when it comes in.

Picked up another four 5 1/2’ t posts for the 2nd arch trellis.

They also had some supposedly “heavy-duty” tomato cages on sale for $3.99 after rebate. They were very nice - 54” tall with 4 rings and posts, made out of 5 gauge wire. Went ahead and picked up 20 of those.

Should be able to get double-duty out of them: they can be used to support the tall peony blooms … which should finish blooming just about the time they need to be moved over to the tomatoes.

All the potted plants were on sale for 25% off so we picked up some herbs that The Woman was wanting, plus a lavender that I wanted (for deer deterrent)

And grabbed a 50# bag of cracked corn for the birds and critters plus another 11 masonry ladders for the cabbage and broccoli and some more screws for the raised beds.

A new Sheet opened up across from the Massillon Menards, fuel prices were heavily discounted - diesel @ $3.49/gallon which is 25 cents cheaper than anywhere else in the area - so I took the opportunity to put some fuel in the Sprinter.

Woman was up when I got up this morning, said She got up too early and was going back to bed. Didn’t realize She had made coffee until I went out to the kitchen to make it.

Agenda for today:

Need to make up another batch of potting mix.

French Marigolds we transplanted are looking very happy so will try and get some more of those done, along with some more beets, plus catnip, and peppermint.

Tomatoes still in the greenhouse have outgrown where they are at so need to move those around back.

Go get the Cub out of the barn and move cages and t-posts around back to the garden.

Finish needle scaler work on the 4 short t-posts.

Collect up longer t-posts up at the shop and bring them down to the house for clean up.

TBN appears down right now, so doing this post in a text editor, will post it when the site is back up.
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This morning out walking the dog, and turn around to see a fawn walking up to us, got about 2 feet away.
Then the dog lunged and the fawn ran away, and the dog got scared and wanted to run into the house :LOL:

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Start of new friendship. :)
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Did get to run my tractor at a high idle while unloading and hooking up the brush hog with no incident., but it started to rain just as I finished so didn’t get to run under load. I still think it needs to be under load to fail and hope I can test this morning.
Looking foreword to update.
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Good Wednesday "Morning" !

Currently 55F and raining @ 13:30, calling for a high 65F for the day ... which may have already occurred ?

LWS reports an additional 1.31" of rain since 09:00 this morning.

Scattered some food for the ground feeders yesterday first thing.

Finished up scaling 2nd t-post and got mostly done on the 3rd, one to go.

Went over and got the Cub out of the barn and hooked up the dump cart back here at the house and moved the cages and new t-posts around back.

After that I headed up to the compost/woodlot and dug out some old chain-link fencing and brought it down to the garden.

Woman gathered up the repotted tomatoes and beets from the greenhouse and brought outside and I put them in the dump cart and moved them around back.

Mixed up some more potting mix using the last of the screened compost in one of the totes.

Got the 4 new t-posts driven in the ground for the first arch trellis and secured the trellis to the t-posts using some chain-link fence aluminum wire.

Ran down to Fisherman's Central and picked up a spool of 60 lb test monofilament to reconfigure the temp fence. That's 20 lb heavier than what we used last year.

Got step-in fence posts put up on the south side of the garden and mono strung on those. Also repositioned the fence posts on the east side.

Neighbor lady came down for more tomato plants and some (not) hot peppers, sent her home with a half dozen more tomatoes and a few peppers.

Got the two Sunny Boy tomatoes that had been clipped off replanted over in the row of Bush Beefsteaks where we had some additional room. One of them is already growing a new leader, guessing that the other one will as well.

The Woman and I pulled the netting off the strawberry plants so She could harvest berries and pull some weeds.

I then added another masonry ladder "hoop" at the end of the strawberry bed and we worked on redoing the netting.

The original netting was like 16' wide or something and 50' long. We only needed about 8' of width to cover the bed so we rotated the netting 90 degrees and cut it into sections. That allowed us to cover the entire bed completely ... which is a good thing because the uncovered section had been getting browsed pretty heavily by the deer ... 🤬

Other neighbor lady stopped by while she was walking her pups and we visited for a bit.

Did not get any mowing done ... :(

Woman cooked up some Zatarain's "Dirty Rice" and some hot sausage for dinner ... which was very tasty but quite hot.

Agenda for today:

Get armoire moved back where it belongs.

Gather up paperwork for upcoming appointment with accountant.

Get up to the shop and finish up the rebuild of the Kubota lift cylinder. Will be a good opportunity to burn some more cardboard.

Do some repotting of the stuff that's left in the seed trays.

Thankfully, the rain should be ending later this evening then we'll have three days of dry weather.

Hope everyone is having a decent Wednesday ... (y)
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70F partly cloudy sky.

Out the door at daybreak get started on my things to do list...wash all outside windows,2 stops for critter food,mower the front lawn,pickup got good bubble bath another cleaning inside...done for the day.

Got letter from city informing all taxpayers warning taxes will go up 50% in the next 4 years. 🤬

Third day no sighting or signs of Boo :( good chance he found girl friend.

Enjoy the day all.

Special strong thoughts prayers for those.
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RNG, what is your RM43 mix per gallon. I use 6oz per gallon.
I usually use 3 oz/gallon, but yesterday increased that to 4 oz/gallon. At $175 for that 2 1/2 gallon jug, I'm trying to squeeze as much coverage as possible from it.