Good morning!!!!

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Got letter from city informing all taxpayers warning taxes will go up 50% in the next 4 years.
Is 2024 an election year for those city council offices? Might be time to remind them just who they work for, and support the candidates running against them if they have more fiscally responsible policies.
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YAAA! BEF found his tape!
I find that after I have done an extensive search for something, I will go out and replace it. Guaranteed I WILL find the original.

I think I will attempt to cut the grass tomorrow. It will be the first time it got cut since I went into the hospital. It is almost knee deep. ;)
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I lost one of my sprinklers, could not find it anywhere.

Went and bought a new one, and thought, hey I'll put this in the garage until spring.

Put it on the shelf, right next to the old one, which had been sitting there the whole time.

The funniest was still the missing bolt from the other day, which shot out from my grip and disappeared. Only to be found in my pants pocket later that day.
I can't even see how it could fit through the opening in the top of the pocket.
Maybe I should have played the lottery that day :)

At least with the tape it was back out of the way and hard to find.

Now to go find my ratchet extension which fell yesterday ...... it is not in my pocket unfortunately, I did check :cool:
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Good Evening,
I read the "Lone Survivor" book first, then saw the movie. Excellent
PH, I read it also, that was one heck of a book ! Highly recommend it to anyone that likes that type of reading ! These guys were true American Heroes !

Kyle, I would actually like to see Unglorious Bastards, mostly because I’m
Learning to speak German and lots of German spoken in that movie !

search for something, I will go out and replace it. Guaranteed I WILL find the original.
Bill, earlier this spring I searched for days looking for one of my 50 ft extension cords ! Finally broke down and bought a new one ! 😉 Two days later I found it in the garage buried under a bunch of stuff that my wife piled on top of it ! 😒😉

All have a great evening ! Back to the mountains tomorrow! 🙏
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Bingo, especially color.
Sophie gives me no end of grief when I finally find something where I already looked 3 times, but even worse if SHE finds it where I said I already looked. She and the other wives call it a male thing.

My wife says that you need a uterus in order to find anything.
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I taught all three of my boys that if you take a tool out of the tool box, put it back where you got it from. The youngest never bothered to use my tools and the middle one borrowed my tools box and all one day with my permission. I got home from work and the box was on the driveway with tools scattered all around it... NO son... I picked up the tools and put them where they belonged and loaded the box back in the truck, locked it. Found him inside drinking beer. Confronted him about the tools and he says',"I wasn't done with them". I said they aren't in your hand now and you are not using them outside, you ARE done with them. Permanently. Go buy your own tools and see why I hard line it with mine.
All three kids knew without a doubt that you did NOT pile anything on top of something else.
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RNG, what is your RM43 mix per gallon. I use 6oz per gallon.
I use 6oz per gallon from a dedicated measuring cup.

RM43 is powerful and it knocks back poison oak.

Have an old redwood table as my outside bench for small projects and behind it mature star jasmine intertwined on a decorative wrought iron fence.

I mixed 6 tanks 4 gallons at a time to spray where needed on 7 acres by carefully pouring 24 oz RM then adding water.

The mist from adding water killed the 20 feet of Jasmine starting right behind the mixing table and then 18 feet along the fence to the right.
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