Good morning!!!!

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46 and clear, going to 82. Another wonderful day.

Sodamo, hope your fix works today. Sounds promising.

Wag, things must be really tough when you have to put off procrastination.

Scott, I love your view of the mountains.

Mostly, I bet the USPS won on your password disagreement.

Well, Della was resting quietly beneath my desk as I am sitting here reading TBN. All of I sudden I detected a chewing sound, and sure enough, she just chewed the computer speaker wire in two that runs from my laptop to the speakers and sub. Just one more "accomplishment" on her puppy resume.

I hiked Old Rag yesterday. Left home at 4am so I could catch the low 40s temps and beat the crowd. Met another retired guy at the trailhead who was doing the same. Big parking lot was almost empty at dawn, and full at noon when I returned. Great hike.
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Old Rag
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12:25pm ET lunch time today Boeing is sending up two men in first flight in ten years and a new rocket apparently.
I hope their rocket folks have better luck than their plane folks recently.
fingers crossed they have a safe and successful flight.
might be worth watching over your lunch
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Good morning! 70˚F heading to only 90˚ with S winds and partly cloudy skies.

The wood floors are finished and drying, I think I'll give them an extra dry day before we walk on them. The rains yesterday morning leaked in around a bathroom vent in the old house. It was disclosed to the buyers and a roofing company came out and repaired the roof/flashing/vent.
We will try to get the consignment shop to pick up wife's desk, The buyers want my desk. Continuing to box up and slowly get ready for moving day.
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52 outside this AM, heading to 80. Maybe. In any case it will be a really nice day.

More cutting today with the 7ft brush bull on the pastures. The horses though come first, it's farrier day. That will chew off a few hours this AM. Sigh.

Somewhere in between all that, I have got to get the pool going. That's opening it up. And the koi-less pond needs a skim, lots of aquatic plant on the surface. The turtles may get suffocated if that keeps up.

Hope all have a great weekend. Be safe.
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Morning all, 63 going to 82 and sunny.
Son is off to take his SATs.

Garage door is reset and working fine, once I got the little gear that controls the limits back into it's clip :cool:

Then went into town with wife for drinks, crowded, but not too bad.

Today , time for the weedwacker, car mirror fix and maybe today or tomorrow cut the planks for the wifes serving table, she told me she will buy the legs.

Lots of deer walking through shopping for flowers. fawns and mom were back playing by the trampoline. One of the fawns started walking towards me as I was driving the tractor, suddenly she seemed to realize it wasn't play time and ran off. Came back later to play tag again with other fawn.

Need to socialize the dog later, she's getting lazy.

Be well,


Last nights northern sky, no northern lights.
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Good Morning,
Vt, 48 to start going to 78. Beautiful sunny day again, cool this morning but should warm nicely !

Should be a nice boating day with our friends !

Wngsprd, thanks , the views never get old ! Riding up and down the field bouncing around on the tractor mowing I love watching the crows and hawks gliding over the field looking for their next meal !

David, sounds like you may be onto something! My question is have you always had the stalling problem? I’m sure you have already mentioned this previously but I can’t remember or didn’t read it ! In any event I hope your idea with the fan works !

Hope all have a blessed and safe day ! 🙏
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Just one more "accomplishment" on her puppy resume.
We are about 2 weeks out from getting the new pup. Need to "harden" the house from chewing, like floor extension cords, etc.

This is from a professional breeder who exposes the pup to a variety of stimuli such as wildlife, hunting, gunfire, and so on. New experience for us.

While on a Zoom call with the breeder, she said if you don't see many of the pups in the live feed it's because "tonight they are watching the movie Lost in Space." Apparently some pups are fixated on action movies and others don't blink an eye. All part of exposure and stimulus to a variety of things.

Maybe I need to name the pup: "Danger Will Robinson!" 😀

Should hit 80F and sunny today. Going to the 90's soon.

Everyone have a great day !!!