Good morning!!!!

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Finally a granpa...
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Intermittent problems so frustrating to find. Hope the fan fixes it. If heat effecting it, probably going bad.

Was 47° this morning but warmed up. Met Buppies and his wife for breakfast. Was nice to meet them, good conversation, and showed them our lot. Just relaxing this afternoon and going to see bluegrass music tonight.
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67°F and .54 inches rain

Need to finish putting Scag back together, check oil etc and if if drys a bit a short test run.

I think I have a couple 4 inch 12vdc fans suitable for my tractor test mod to cool the ECU. Need to figure how to support and as it’s just a test most likely directly power from battery, but at least look for a keyed circuit I can tap. If God approves maybe I’ll get dried out enough to test at least an hour

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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73F and sunny @ 11:45, heading up to around 80F for the day's high.

Coffee tasting good this morning.

We made the appointment with accountant first thing yesterday, was painful for us to get up, get ready, and make the drive for an appointment before noon ... :LOL:

Turned out well though, got fed and state taxes filed electronically, got the return for local which has to be mailed and didn't have to pay anything except to the accountant ... (y)

Stopped at the Waffle House on the way back for breakfast. If I can manage to remember, we'll never do that again. Almost had to leave ... completely forgot about the all the noise with the yelling, calling out orders. Just can't handle it anymore with the tinnitus ... :(

After we got home I mowed the front lawn, which was getting real tall ... especially with the weeds.

Blades are finally getting to the point where they should be swapped out for the sharpened set, can kinda see it on the tougher weeds.

After that I threw a little more phosphoric acid on the t-posts.

Then made up a mix of seed and took it around and scattered it for the ground feeders and retrieved the 2 tube feeder and refilled those and put them back up.

Once that was done I grabbed the old tires/wheels for the rolling seat as well as the new foam-filled ones and headed up to the shop to swap the bearings. That went well and the bearings fit with no issues. Got new tires/installed when I came back down to the house.

Persuaded The Woman to come up while I was doing that and trim back the wild grape vine that was out of control and starting to block the man door to the shop. She's up there right now working on it before it gets too hot.

Gathered up the t-posts that need cleaned up and brought those down to the house. Think there was five 7' or 8' footers and one 5 1/2' or 6' footer. Still have three of the tall ones in the ground around back that need pulled and repainted ... but will need the loader to get those out of the ground.

After that I checked all the plants on shelves out back and watered those that needed it.

Then got out the extension cord and hot knife and trimmed off that new section of weedblock fabric that I put under the arched trellises.

Then started taking down the welded wire fencing that was protecting the indeterminate tomato plants on the east side of the vertical remesh trellis.

Once I had that finished I pulled the remaining piece of weedblock fabric over and got it pinned down with staples over on the east side of the garden ... so most of the garden is covered at this point. Yay !

Woman headed out with the neighbor lady to catch the fireworks at the Rubber Ducks game.

I used some of the chain-link fence to cover the tomato plants, along with the welded wire I had been using and got those recovered.

At that point it was getting dark so I called it a day and came on inside

Still need to melt holes in that new section of fabric for planting and get the other side of it pinned down. The melting of the holes will probably not occur today (too warm) ... and the pinning down of the other side probably won't happen either (need to add addition soil on the east side)

Agenda for today:

Dole out another weeks worth of meds.

Maybe mow down here around the house. Lawn down here around the house doesn't seem to grow quite as fast as the front. Probably a combination of less sun and better drainage/more runoff.

Maybe mark out that new woodblock fabric for planting holes with marking paint.

Get the 2 t-posts that are ready primed and painted.

Refill the one sprayer Woman has emptied with glyphosate.

Maybe get some peppers planted in the ground.

Plus whatever else comes up.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday ... (y)
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Fuddy is a grandpa - Congratulations!

Drew stopped by and dropped off lettuce, huge bag, but I was out back with the chainsaw milling planks and never heard him.

2 apple trees showed up, so that will be on the schedule for me to plant tomorrow.

Tired from making the planks, close to 8' each x 4, need 2 for the serving table.
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Scott, stalling problem started last Dec. only time before it also threw error code for moisture in fuel which I immediately corrected.

Thinking I may have a contributing problem. Fan belt squealing at times. Tension seems fine, alternator charges battery and temp stays near center. The squealing comes and goes, but always at startup, and to be honest I haven’t paid much attention to when working. Something the tech should have noticed immediately and hopefully checked. So I wonder, could the fan maybe slipping just a bit, affecting temp at ECU? I can see where this maybe a problem only when tractor is running under load and not just a sitting idle. I picked up new belt in town yesterday to install today.
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My brother went to mow at dads. Shear bolt broken on mower. Put in New bolt, blades stall in tall grass. Hope he didn’t damage the PTO on tractor.
This is the tallest I recall in a very long time… ideal precipitation has been a long time coming in the parched West.