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That explains that. I have it as well as my primary but FED Blu as my secondary. Medicare don't pay squat.
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My wife has Jabra hearing aids. She likes them much better than the Costco ones she got before the law changed. They cost less too.
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My wife has Jabra hearing aids. She likes them much better than the Costco ones she got before the law changed. They cost less too.
Just curiosity--my latest Costco aids are Jabra. How did you beat the Costco price?
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Call your BC/BS provider and ask them if they will cover them. You'll have to take a hearing test to qualify, what I did.

Seen them for sale in the newspaper and they all are expensive to boot. I was pleasantly surprised that our healthcare plan covered the cost as well, but they did, other than the initial visit and like I said, got mine through the hospital hearing clinic. Real happy with mine, especially the phone AP that makes them fully adjustable and mine came with a charging case as well as extra 'thingies' that go in your ear.
I plan on it (insurance call & audiology exam). I know our municipality's old plans did not cover hearing devices, but the city has renegotiated the contract with our underwriter since I last explored the idea.

I like the idea of being able to play with sensitivity levels through my phone. There are days where not hearing has been a bit of a blessing in that I can focus on my work without getting distracted by everything going on around me.

Something I may also explore is iPhone EarPods & analog brands that work with iPhone. Apparently some models of both Apple branded and other iPhone compatible earbuds now have software for background noise filtering and sound amplification capabilities with custom settings..... to the point that audiologists have taken note of their potential usage as hearing devices.

Don't wear them all the time. Sometimes I don't want to hear everything...lol
LOL, I do hear that..... with a family of 6 in the household, working with college students for a living and being managed at work by an ex-game warden who is basically like an overgrown child (in a good way):

- Ignorance is bliss
- Feigning not hearing can also bliss

Truly though there are times with my wife where she has said things in conversation (typically family plans) that other people apparently clearly heard but for which I have no recollection and didn't actually hear...with the later outcome that you might expect in an 18 year marriage. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

Shop the internet for OTC (over the counter) hearing aids. There are various outfits rating their choice of best. You may get by for $300 or less.
That's kinda the hope...somewhat hinges on getting an up to date hearing exam, the results of the exam and if OTC aids suit my hearing profile. Best I can remember from the last test is that the left ear was way worse than the right & that between the two the hearing degradation was pretty profound.

I think it depends on how bad your hearing loss is. I have had profound hearing loss for 25 years and the only devices that work for me at all are high dollar - about $3,500 each - and my insurance doesn’t pay a dime. My current ones are 7+ years old and starting to fail. I need news one, but sure hate shelling out that kind of money. Cheaper ones just don’t work for me. I wish they did.

You hit the nail on the head as to exactly my fears about costs and why I've not pushed the issue... Frankly, as much as I would really really like to hear better if I actually had $7K free and clear to play with I'd probably get a lot more utility out buying the parts needed for:

- Converting the FEL on my BX for implement quick-attach
- Adding a FEL third function
- A small grapple


- An artificial right knee (17 dislocations & and a crude ton on bone on bone arthritis)

You need a more comprehensive health plan I'd say.
.... Too right, but then that's not always available, or if it is sometimes it's just too darned expensive and/or the cost benefit isn't there depending on life-status, plans, insurer and cost-sharing ratio with employer. (Not a political statement in any way/shape/form, or at least it's truly not meant to be one)

......Sorry, your comment brought to mind the struggles of a couple very amazing college student's I've worked with who, due to abuse/parental mental health/abandonment/etc have had to socially, and in some cases, legally self-emancipate from their parents.

I'm a biologist at an environmental education facility who works with high school & collegiate volunteers/interns..... It can be a very bitter-sweet thing to gently try and guide/coach individuals like those mentioned above in developing life-skills such as learning the various ins and outs of the U.S. healthcare & insurance system.
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Medical insurance plans that cover hearing aids is a unicorn. VA and vet insurance does a really good job with it and I think some of the Advantage plans cover them but besides that health insurance doesn't do a very good job covering.
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Hearing is one of the five senses. It's critical for quality of life.

I was in denial and put it off for over 10 years. "Only old people use hearing aids."

Realizing now what I had been missing, plus the negative relational impact from reduced conversation over time with my wife, the cost of hearing aids, no matter what you have to pay out of pocket is so much less than the negative impact on your quality of life from not hearing.

Ask yourself, "Would I deny one of my children the gift of hearing aids if they needed them?" Of course not!

You owe it to yourself to do whatever is needed to restore your own hearing...insurance or no insurance should not even be a variable considered in the decision. Sacrifice elsewhere, not with your hearing.
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If you served, you may have already "paid" for your hearing aids. In 1968, I and 9 others in a "booth" directly under the airplane approach to Logan Airport, passed our pre-induction hearing test. In 1973, I, alone in a soundproof room with 3' thick fiberglass insulation walls in the bowels of a military hospital, was found to have a service-connected hearing loss--not surprising given those years were in field artillery--that pays for state of the art aids from the VA. A friend and contemporary was in the Army Security Agency and spent his time in a radio hutch in Turkey eavesdropping on the Soviets. Forty years after his service, his exposure risk was identified, and he also now has hearing aids from the VA. Admittedly, these are just 2 anecdotes, but may provide a path for you.
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