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I have had hearing aids now for 6 months, VA supplied after 16 years on tanks. I love them and hate them, I have lived with the hearing loss and tinnitus etc for 35 years.

I normally only wear them in the evening when doing dishes, cooking, eating, watching tv so the volume is at a comfortably level for the wife.

I can not wear at work too many noises to deal with, I understand why people don't like to wear them, after 35 years the world is loud :p
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I am on my second VA supplied pair. I went with the rechargable's and at about two years old, one of them is going dead prematurily. My question for those wearing the rechargeable aids is how long are you going before needing repairs? I am going to the clinic tomorrow to see what they can do for me.
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My rechargeable aids lasted about 3 years. The charger quit, so I don't know about the aids.
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The person that does repairs told me that two years is not abnormal for battery failure. They had to send the aid out to have it replaced. Apparently, they do not replace one still working. I hope that one does not go bad about as soon a I get the other back. I still have my previous pair with the standard battery power so I am not without aids.