Hello from a new Branson 2400h owner.

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Aug 22, 2022
2016 Branson 2400h with SL00 FEL
Hi all

I just bought a 2016 Branson 2400h 4x4 with the sl00 fel and an MK Martin 60 inch blower. The lady I bought it from didn't post a price in the ad so when I inquired and she said $6k (CDN) I bought it.

324 hours on it. The only thing wrong with it is the rear hydraulic lift arms don't work.

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Welcome to TBN Jeff.
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On the 3 point does it raise and not lower? If yes look under the seat behind your calves for a black knob. Turn this counter - clockwise to increase lowering speed since if fully closed it will not allow the arms to lower.

324 hours it is just getting broke in.
   / Hello from a new Branson 2400h owner.
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The 3ph does not raise. I did check the 3ph lowering control knob when I first went to see the tractor. I wasn't that lucky.

I found a claw hammer jammed under the seat and the position control lever was bent.

I moved the position control arm by hand and nothing. The feedback arm jam nuts are also loose.

I think the feedback arm moves the spool in the position control valve to divert oil to tank until the arms reach the setting position then flow stops. The arms should stay in that position until the position control level is moved to raise the arms then the spool is moved by the position control arm to supply oil to the piston and so on.

The original owners wife said her husband was a hack. I see why she said that with some of the things I've found on this tractor.

I think the feedback arm is my issue. Is this 45 degree elbow and cap oem? I assume it's for rear hydraulics.


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On my 2400H the pressure line from the pump had a round junction block with two hoses that come out the face. One of these is pressure to loader valve and other is power beyond feeding the 3 point. If yours is the same follow the power beyond hose back to where it connects on transaxle housing. Is that the same hose that the 45 degree fitting is in? If yes what that 45 degree fitting connect too?

From memory I can push or pull ( don’t remember which) the feed back rod and make the arms move.
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The 45 degree is not connected to anything. It's capped off. I believe it's for an optional addon rear hydraulic control for blower chute control or a hydraulic toplink.

The hydraulic line connected to the banjo is coming from a block near the front.

Playing with these arms I was able to get the 3ph to move but only after fully opening that black knob. Now I can't duplicate it and it won't move any more.

I was excited for 2 minutes. 🤣
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Are the 3 point arms fully raised? If yes with control in full lower position try adding some weight to the 3 point arms to see if they lower. Possible cold oil and sticky lift rams seals might keep the arms raised with no load on them.

Worked once is good sign.
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No they are not. I can manually move them up and down by hand with no resistance.
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Well, 3pt will always move up without resistance.