How do you carry your chainsaw ?

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Added some 1” bars to hold some rail for extra weight on my box blade... holds chain and my saw!

Use the 2” receiver to hook the chains to.

Box blade is ballast, tree hauler... all in one!

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My limbing saws a Echo CS 400 fits in the loader bracket on the left side. The right side is where my other limbing saw a Polan 2150 saw rides.

My J red 2159 rides on the ROPs bar bracket I made out of scrap wood on the left side. I have one on the right side where one of thre Hiuskys ride, either a 162SE My favorite saw with the Echo a close second, a huisky 55, or a 455 rancher.




Any one know where I can get 4.5 inch pipe plugs?
Want to carry logging chains in the loader frame tubes.

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This may change but I made this to hold it on the winch.
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Just returned from the woods. All saws I used present and accounted for.


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My Woodland Mills chipper and stump grinder both came with chainsaw mounts on them.


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IMG_0850.JPGI mounted this yesterday. IMG_0847.JPG
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Built a carry all with a trailer hitch for my splitter. I don't like to waste time dragging a tree out of the woods. This way I can cut it, split it, stack it, then drive to the wood shed. It's surprising how much wood can be put in this carry all and the bucket.
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What winch do you have? I have a little 2816 hst, and would like a winch. How does it work for you. Did you check out uniforest, their near you. Also, I'd love to walk across the anirondacks. An old trapper lived in Remsen used to come up this way, eventually becoming good friends with the parents. We spread some of his ashes up in the mountains here. So I've always heard of the anirondacks and the old trappers. In a straight line, how far across would it be to where there are no roads etc? I think the only thing would stop me would be the tick situation. I hear you have lots of deer ticks and lyme. Is that true?
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Gordon gould, How do you like the farmi and I was wondering if those ice changes snag sticks and brush and drag it up around the fenders? I would like a set also if I pull more wood out but was wondering if they would bring up brush around and break up the back of the fenders.