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Nov 16, 2018
Proserpine QLD
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Hi everyone. Have just purchased a JD2140 after being a red tractor man for years. Haven稚 had it freighted to home yet. Good, bad, ugly? Anything to keep an eye out for? Will need to find a manual for servicing. Cheers.
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Congratulations on your tractor purchase.

I suggest to check hyd oil sump screen & check hyd oil for moisture.
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Thanks Jim. Yup there sure is a definite red and green team where I live. Most are agco MF but some bleed JD green and wouldn稚 own anything else. I知 variable, with MF, fiat, NH baler and now JD. From what I致e read on here the hydraulic system is fairly complex. Two pumps and cracking internal lines have got me wondering if I致e bought myself more work!
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Hi guys, would anyone have a list of filters and oils I would need to do a full service on the 2140? The owner has said it has been sitting for a few years so I would feel safer changing them all out before doing any serious work. Not sure if I can get a kit here in Australia or whether they are individual part numbers. Also I have been told they are a different back end oil compared to other common models that use a generic oil to do most compartments. Thanks!
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To my knowledge a filter kit isn't offered by JD. Hyd oil needs to meet J20C spec's. JD hyd oil is called Hy-Gard. Any good 15W-40 oil for diesel engine. Hyd filter is AR75603,hyd steering filter is AL31413,engine oil filter is T19044. air filter part # is AL30394,fuel filter is AR50041
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Thanks very much Jim! I will take the list and get them. Will also stick with the hy gard oil too. From reading it is really good stuff, but it is pricey. People are using 303 oil, but it has not passed the tests the hy gard has. Not sure if 303 is accepted between the forum users but it seems to read as a general quality hydraulic oil. Guess a bit more spent now will save spending a lot doing the back end up!
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If an open station, not cab tractor, check the shifter boots for cracks. This is the main source of water entry to the transmission.
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Thanks Zebrafive. I did see you told someone that on another post. It was from ages ago and I have been reading through them trying to get up to speed before I need to fix anything. It is open cab, so I will check them out. Not sure how it has been stored, hopefully shedded. If I change the oil and filters will it get me out of jail if it had water ingress or has the damage already been done?
Also, yourself and Jim have spoken about open/closed centre hydraulics. What would mine be?
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2140 has closed center hyd's. I personally would only utilize oil labeled as 303 for starting brush fires definitely not in hyd system with brakes/clutches that operate in oil such as a JD 2140
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BAD841F0-BAE3-48C3-B248-B2D06917ED9F.pngUmm. Sorry to bother, but got an uneasy feeling. Have I been scammed buying my tractor??? Advertised as a 2140. Have spoken via phone and text all about the 2140. Have just noticed (during night shift) that the picture that I have has a different bonnet to all the 2140s I have ever been near. More rounded, and the decal up the side is black writing on a yellow background, not the other way around. Square rear guards so it is not a 2130, 4 cylinder so it is not a 2040. I am really starting to panic as I have paid the money, freight is organised, and it gets delivered Monday morning. Were there variants in the bonnet? Please tell me yes!!! I hope I have attached the picture properly.