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Due to the fact that this thread has strayed from 2140 to 2130 yes I think you need to start new thread. I don't mind answering repetitive questions especially on complicated subject such as JD L/D mechanisms when it appears poster is making progress such as you are making progress. . Access to negative stop screw is obtained through a hole in rear of trans case(see photo below). I've never attempted to tighten screw as an aid in easing L/D shaft insertion into trans case just trying to think of a way to "git'er done". Removing rockshaft housing will not increase one's visibility of the bottom of L/D mechanism or shaft due to ring gear/pinion blocking the view.
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Thanks Jim, Zebra, and others who have contributed. I will head over to the JD topics and start from about where we are now. Did you have a picture to attach Jim, or an exert from the TM? Hang 10 and I will get another thread going....