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I purchased a jd870 back in 1996 and had no issues with the deere salesman and purchase. All went smoothly. Always went back for parts, supplies. All good. Jump forward to 2010 when I wanted a cabbed tractor. I could get no help from the dealer. I was in the store, asking questions and he actually told me I can’t afford a cabbed tractor....I was shocked.

left and have never been back.

oh....I purchased mine cash.
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Read codychap’s post. It’s clearly not a customer oriented system!
My cash or credit purchase doesn’t want to or need to be dictated by someone else! I shop, price and buy from who ever I want!
Even if it means I shop out of thier suggested area weather it be a sister store or not They do not dictate the terms I do or they don’t get my money at any location!
Change JD policy, simply stop buying thier product at all until they do it right or go out of the compact market! Thier tractors really are not worth the hassle!

My parts at JD dealers over the years have been no better or worse than any other brand I have owned.
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If the salespeople would actually get into pouncing each other in the face over the price they offer me, I will tip the winner a hundred bucks as long as he saved me more than that!
Sorry but I just don’t care, stop sharing the information with the other sales people or let me enjoy the fireworks!
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“think about it, one person can go to 5 stores in network and tie up 5 different people's time and try to negotiate the deal with each one to see who has the best price”

Wow! ! ! “Tie up 5 different people’s time?” That’s Their Job! Excuse me for wanting the best price possible. . . Especially after he gets a selling price for the machine, and then on the “Purchase Docs” having a higher price. When I was shopping, I did just that. I shopped around for the best price. I went to 3 good Kuboa dealers. All things being equal, I went with the dealer who gave me the lowest price. $1K less than one dealer, $2K less than the other. Seems like a no brainer. Each Kubota dealership was privately owned. The Green dealers in this region are ALL United Ag And Turf. I still should be able to shop around for the best price without fear of the strong-arm tactics he got. when I pay $50K for the machine and implements, every $1k counts.
Well my local Deere guy started out working for the dealership in 1985. Ended up buying it. Then about 8 yrs or so ago he built a brand new store on another piece of property. Then since then he bought out two other locations in the state. Well he finally got an offer he could not refuse. United Ag and Turf bought out a bunch of dealers in New England and upstate N Y. So much for knowing the owner on a first name basis and more importantly, him knowing your name. This guy every year would let me borrow a set of forks for the local ag fair use. No questions asked.

I'm sure that will be the end of that practice. Also every spring on one Saturday in March he would have an open house with catered lunch and 15% off all parts. I'm sure the new gorilla won't be doing that.

The way of the world
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I have been in several different color dealerships looking at tractors and not only did anyone ever come outside ,When i went inside i was ignored by employees talking to each other, or by salesman so that i walked out without a word from anyone. Unfortunatly i have had this happen at gun shops also.
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Actually, the OP got a quote, agreed to it and a purchase contract e-sent for his signature. This is where things go south.

Yes, you are right, I reread it. He still didn't agree to buy it, and they revoked their offer since he didn't accept it and they felt he declined it since he priced it elsewhere.
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With everything slimy JD is doing these days, it is a wonder anyone would want to buy anything from them. There proprietary electronics and control of its software should be enough to turn anyone off. The large franchises control of the dealerships is another. No way you will ever see anything green on my property.
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I love my Massey Ferguson GC1725MB. I compared this to the JD and Kubota last year when I bought it....and loved this. And MF dealers don't have the arrogance of some of the JD dealers who think theirs is the only good product.
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Actually, the OP got a quote, agreed to it and a purchase contract e-sent for his signature. This is where things go south.
Having a contract emailed to you absolutely in no way obligates you to anything. When the dealer started making noises about changing the price, any previous contract discussions are null and void and a new contract would have to be agreed on by both parties.
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Write to Corporate. Detail names of who screwed you around. Tell them you are buying a different brand.

MY JD dealer thinks he is very special. I bought an LS for a lot less money and the LS dealer thinks I am special.
Waste of time. Deere loves multi store locations and protected sales territories. Just move on to another brand.