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Jan 11, 2022
Bobcat CT2025
Have a 1.5-2 acre lawn renovation job on the hook but never have done a job for a new built home. Wondering how folks on here would go about doing the job. I imagine spreading dirt with front loader, power raking or roto tilling with a 3 pt attachment. Then landscape raking rocks out & followed by seeding and cultipacking. Putting straw or manure over 2 acres without a blower and not multiple guys seems like it would be a killer so that’s why I like the cultipacker. Any tips would be appreciated.


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That's going to be a very involved job. I would start with grinding the stumps (there seems to be a lot of large stumps in the picture). Then move on to raking out the rocks, final rough up with a tiller if necessary, then seed and cover. I've never finished an area that rough and large. Perhaps hire out the seeding to a hydro seeding company? Good luck, and let us know how you tackled the job.
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That area right in front of the vehicle hood in the picture doesn't seem to have any topsoil. I don't see any topsoil piles in the rest of the picture. I'd be concerned about whether you have enough topsoil for the entire area in the picture without hauling it in from somewhere else.