Oil Change intervals?

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I change the oil in my tractor, riding mower, car, and truck all once per year - regardless of hours or mileage. Probably overkill, but it's cheap insurance and I've never once had an engine issue in any equipment I've owned. Both my vehicles are driven less than 3000 miles per year, I don't think they've ever seen 5000 between an oil change.

I do all the changes in one weekend every fall and it makes for easy, one-time disposal.
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Recently had the oil analyzed in two cars. Low miles but two years since the prior oil change.

These are ones that supposedly must have the oil changed every six months. Well, the analysis proved they were both good for another year or so.
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Again, gone are the days where anything about an oil change is ”cheap”. Oil change on my 20 YO Kubota is about $40 and 20 minutes. My tier 4 CNH is about $400-$600 (on-line vs dealer part costs) and 6-8 hours if you are good at it.