1. S

    When do I change the oil? Service Manual vs Operators manual: 100hrs vs 400hrs!

    I have a CT20235. I am looking at the "Operations and Maintenance Manual", and a copy of the "Service Manual". The maintenance schedule is different, especially for oil changes. This is from page 187 of the Operators Manual. This is page 134 of the Operators manual This is page 2-25 of the...
  2. IH3444

    New Holland Oil Filter

    Messicks looks to be carrying a new New Holland engine oil filter for $10.05, after the price on the older filters sky rocketed in cost. Does anyone know who is now manufacturing these new less expensive filters. Neil on one of his youtube videos stated that Fleetguard made the older engine oil...
  3. L

    Alarm oil pressure transmission renault 540 rx ares,

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I hope you can help me with the following problem A few days ago, immediately AFTER switching on the PTO to drive a disc mower (rear) our renault 540 rx ares gave up. What no longer works: - driving forwards or backwards - PTO no longer works - power...
  4. R

    Oil pressure light stay on for about 2 second

    Hi I got a Kubota B 7510 hst when I start it the oil pressure light stay on for 2 second it is possible that the oil pressure valve at the base of the oil filter is defect .
  5. M

    T6 Oil Dipstick Lost, Perkins Diesel

    Anyone know the part number or where to order it. Working in some brush and the oil dipstick is missing. Engine number is KE70461U.
  6. Texasgreen

    What Hydraulic Oil??

    After looking all over the place to find what transmission hydraulic fluid should I should use in my Montana 4940C no information really was found. I realize it needs to be compatible for wet disk and wet PTO applications. My question is what oil would you use? I have a few options below.
  7. F

    GC2300 oil in water

    So have a GC2300 with oil in the radiator. Does anyone know if this unit runs hydraic fluid through part of the radiator to help cool it ?
  8. G

    How to check oil on Steiner 430 max with Onan P220G

    Can any one tell me how to check the oil on Steiner 430 max with Onan P220G engine. Specifically what I am trying to learn is should I screw thee dipstick down tight or just rest the dipstick on the first thread. Thanks.
  9. O

    Jinma(Nortrac) 304 leaking hydraulic into engine oil?

    It is a 304B by nortrac with T395E engine. I recently refilled my lift hydraulics and it seems to have leaked hydraulic fluid into the oil enough to blow the dipstick out under pressure with the engine running away and blowing oil and smoke. Hydraulic fluid was almost completely gone after...
  10. C

    Losing Hydraulic oil

    Need help, own a John Deere 2020, power steering pump mounts on front of engine, replaced seal in pump but still getting hydraulic oil in crankcase, anyone have any idea what to look for next?
  11. D

    B 2910 Hydro oil level

    Hi, I just finished the 6th or 7th 300 hour service on my 2001 b2910. The manual specifies 3.83 gallons of hydro oil after a filter and hydro oil change. The last time I did the 300 hour maintenance, I made a note that the dip stick registered over filling. So, this time I only put in 3 gallons...
  12. M

    YM165 Low oil pressure

    I have a YM165 tractor with 1050 hours. The oil pressure idiot light started staying on longer after starting so I finally hooked a gauge to see what it really was. I have 25 PSI / 60 PSI cold engine (1000 rpm / 2200 rpm) When up to full temperature I have 5 PSI / 15 PSI Yeah, not good...
  13. N

    V2203 oil filter?

    I have an obscure older excavator that no one can look up the oil filter. It has a Kubota V2203 engine. The filter on the unit has no markings. The filter measures about 3 inches in diameter and is about 3 inches long. Can anyone give me a part number? Thanks much.
  14. All In A Days Work

    1985 Ferrari Model 86 Oil Filter

    I have a friend that owns a Ferrari model 8586 Articulating tractor. He is need of an oil filter, it has a cartage type filter currently. I'm wondering if any knows of a filter adapter to use a spin-on filter. Tim
  15. F

    Hydraulic Oil cooler for Kubota L5450DT

    Is anyone parting out an L5450DT/L4350DT /L4850DT? I urgently need an hydraulic oil cooler for my tractor. Alternatively: which oil cooler can I adapt for my L5450? I just cannot afford around $1000 for a new one. I already had the old one repaired, but that repair only lasted for about 2 hrs....
  16. 5

    2004 6000 4WD Hub Oil

    Newbie here. What is the correct hub oil for the front wheel hub. Need to replace the O ring, but cannot find the oil type in my manual. Thanks!
  17. L

    Hydraulic oil leak / critters and vent tubes crazy fix

    I pass along so it might help someone, seems kind of unusual. I bought my Mahindra 5010 used. After using it awhile, I started noticing some kind of fluid on the ground after I moved the tractor from where it was parked in the pasture the night before. But it seemed to be under the wheels, not...
  18. Obi-Wan-YJ

    Year-round oil viscosity

    I just bought a low-hour 2016 LS XR4145, their 45-horse CUT. It's overdue for an oil change. I live in Nebraska, where we see temps between -20F and 104F every year. I use my tractor year-round, but I don't use it enough to warrant changing the oil more than once per year. The manual says to...
  19. F

    Type of oil

    What weight oil is supposed to be used in a gas engine on the Farmall Super A? Detergent? Thanks
  20. G

    How much oil for tiller?

    Hello, I have this old sovema tiller, I'm not sure exactly how to change the oil. My assumption is that the bottom bolt is a drain plug (even though it says oil level), the big screw on the left is the fill-to hole, and you fill it in the top, but anyone know for sure?
  21. Rock Crawler

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    I have 3 trailers with wood planks for the deck and I have been annually brushing on Olympic transparent sealer stain, but each year it flakes off and needs re-applied. I've seen/read where old timers use used motor oil mixed with diesel or kerosene and brush it on the wood on a hot summer...
  22. R

    Are these oil ports?

    I have posted pics of a kobota 1105d. I am wondering if these are oil ports? I would like to add a sensor to monitor oil temp and real time pressure not just the switch oil pressure sensor. I am not going to remove the switch i want to keep it in place since the current system uses it. I just...
  23. W

    Kioti cs2410 front diff oil change

    Good day, I decided to change the oil on the front differential. Followed the instructions in owners manual. Seemed pretty straight forward. Does it take a while for the oil to make it over to the opposite side of the fill plug? I was told that when filling with new oil, unplug drain on opposite...
  24. L

    JD 850 with oil on the brake shoes..

    How do you pull the oil seal? Should I just screw in a sheet metal screw and attempt to pull it out? Need to drain the transmission fluid first? Where can I find replacement seals and are the brake shoes no longer any good since they been soaked in oil?
  25. TN8Man

    Tractor motor oil over winter cold months

    In the boating community they usually say change oil at the end of the boating season and before winter. I always wondered what happens to oil during a cold winter. Does it get water in it from condensation? Does the oil quality degrade over cold winter conditions? So I was thinking maybe its...
  26. T

    Oil filter number

    Just purchased a 92 Rhino JM-204 and need info on oil filter number and anything else ya'll can help me with. Thanks 🤠
  27. C

    Oil & Fuel  1840E Engine oil pressure light/engine failure lamp

    So both warning lamps came on at same time. Shut off and restart, lamps are off. After a few minutes, they both come back on. No change in performance, but too worried to keep going. Anyone else had this happen? Possible causes?
  28. S

    Need help picking correct oil for my 25 year old 19hp twin Generac generator

    What is the correct oil to use in my 25 year old 19hp, twin cyl, air cooled Generac generator. This is from the old days with higher ZDDP in the oil and I don't want to screw up my house generator with modern oil. The generator has test run more than actual use and only has maybe 15 hours of...
  29. B

    2020 Workmaster 70 break/ clutch pull rod, leaking rear end oil.

    good morning everyone, After a long day of bush hogging, I noticed a small drip of rear end oil leaking out of the washer around the break/ clutch pull rod on the left side of the rear end, I loosened the nuts and pulled the washer back to clean everything up and made sure to...
  30. M

    Oil Pressure Light not working

    New to me B2150. Going thru everything as a few things were neglected by previous owner. Oil pressure light doesn’t come on with key. Pulled dash hoping it was bulb, but bulb confirmed good. Sending unit or something else? Are they a generic item or Kubota only part? Appreciate any thoughts!
  31. T

    Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline tractor, Changing fuel and oil filters?

    Hello Tractor friends. I just bought a 2022 Deutz-Fahr Deluxe cab, loader tractor for @30K with only 325HRS perfect shape, extra front hydraulics. I want to change the oil and cannot find any oil or fuel filter part numbers. I was hoping someone has the same Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline and could...
  32. H

    Future electric oil

    No change for oil in the future if electric is the way. Electric tractor. No hydraulics needed
  33. domains

    Tired of oil change bull

    If you use the same brand and weigh you only need to change filter once a year, we ran 2 motors over 500tho miles this way, oil sludge is caused by mixing weighs and brands, alot of miss guided mechanics out there. My dad Was a mechanic and was taught this in school, he would always say the...
  34. Coyote_CS2220

    Oil & Fuel  Oil Filter Flow - Physical Limitation

    I realize I might be opening a can of worms here, but I am curious by nature. I notice that different oil filter makers list filters for engines and...... 1) they will be made from different filter material (assumed) 2) will have slightly different shapes 3) will have a central hole the...
  35. N

    Oil Change intervals?

    My L4701 just went over 200 hrs. Did the initial 50 hr. oil and filter change. I used premium oil and Kubota filter. The owner's manual says to change oil every 400 hrs. It has been 15 months since the original 50 hr. oil change. Oil still looks okay, darker, but not coal black from soot...
  36. jjeff

    Oil filter cover plates?

    Last few years noticed some oil filter cover plates have rectangular openings vs circular, for both engines and hydrostatic drives. The filters are the same size. I believe the relief spring, bypass valve, threads, similar media etc are the same. To put my mind at ease, if original filters used...
  37. CoenJC

    Wrong oil in Kioti?

    Ive only just learnt that you need to use special oil for diesel after I've changed my engine oil. The one I've used isn't specified as as SAE and recommends not for heavy duty diesel Is this a problem? Should I change it? Nulon Apex+ Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil 5L - APX5W30D1-5
  38. Skylap

    Oil regulator/Oil relief valve

    Hello, I have a Shibaura SD1840 (LET802C). The other day while driving, all of a sudden the oil dip stick blew out. Obviously there is a high oil pressure in the engine carter. After searching the Internet I suspect that the oil relief valve could be the problem. However I have no clue where to...
  39. Deere Dude

    Rear Finish Mower  Gear case oil removal

    I have had a RMD2584 for 11 years and it works fine and has maybe 500 hours on it right now. I am considering changing to gear case oil in it. I can't figure out how to empty the gear case as there is a dipstick hole on the top and a hole in the side for the level, but nothing on the bottom to...
  40. H

    front axle 4720h oil

    I can not seem to find how to check the level of the oil in the front axle of my 4720h. I see the fill plug on the right side hub, but no stick or level check bolt?? my hubs leak a little bit and i want to make sure I keep it topped off. also, it says 80/90 on the fill plug, but the manual...
  41. T

    John Deere small tractors - best engine oil?

    Without buying oil at 2x the price at a dealer, what do most of you use for your small JD diesel tractors? I have a 2305 and an x745 mower. Yanmar 24HP engines (as I recall). We live in Missouri, summer mowing can be in the 90's, and the tractors get little use after November, so I don't worry...
  42. B

    Kubota M4800 - Need to manually wire the Temp Sensor to the Gauge

    Need a little assistance finding Temperature Sensor and Oil Sending unit and getting them wired back up. Several years ago parked my Kubota M4800 in a 3 wall dirt floor garage and rats chewed on the heart of the wiring harness in the dash leaving lots of bare copper exposed. At that time the...
  43. Kirby7887

    Cub cadet 1450 oil type (Kohler K321)

    I am wondering if anybody knows what oil to use in kohler k321. I live in Ohio and it gets cold but not freezing most of the time in the winter. I know I need to use detergent oil for tappet head in the older engines, does anybody know the oils I should use, do you also know a brand I could use...