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    front axle 4720h oil

    I can not seem to find how to check the level of the oil in the front axle of my 4720h. I see the fill plug on the right side hub, but no stick or level check bolt?? my hubs leak a little bit and i want to make sure I keep it topped off. also, it says 80/90 on the fill plug, but the manual...
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    John Deere small tractors - best engine oil?

    Without buying oil at 2x the price at a dealer, what do most of you use for your small JD diesel tractors? I have a 2305 and an x745 mower. Yanmar 24HP engines (as I recall). We live in Missouri, summer mowing can be in the 90's, and the tractors get little use after November, so I don't worry...
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    Kubota M4800 - Need to manually wire the Temp Sensor to the Gauge

    Need a little assistance finding Temperature Sensor and Oil Sending unit and getting them wired back up. Several years ago parked my Kubota M4800 in a 3 wall dirt floor garage and rats chewed on the heart of the wiring harness in the dash leaving lots of bare copper exposed. At that time the...
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    Cub cadet 1450 oil type (Kohler K321)

    I am wondering if anybody knows what oil to use in kohler k321. I live in Ohio and it gets cold but not freezing most of the time in the winter. I know I need to use detergent oil for tappet head in the older engines, does anybody know the oils I should use, do you also know a brand I could use...