Oil Change intervals?

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I was not implying you had a problem. Rather, that an analysis would find it before it caused damage.
Absolutely it will and that includes leaking anti-freeze as well. One thing I like about Blackstone and that is, they track my TBN number which tells me if the oil has reached it's limit concerning the additive package. Not something I worry about as I always change it before the additive package is depleted anyway. Being the 'frugal' person I am, aka: Cheapskate, I use the drained oil from the tractors in part to change the oil in my smaller gas powered lawnmowers and pressure washer as well as my engine drive welder.
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My L4701 just went over 200 hrs. Did the initial 50 hr. oil and filter change. I used premium oil and Kubota filter. The owner's manual says to change oil every 400 hrs. It has been 15 months since the original 50 hr. oil change. Oil still looks okay, darker, but not coal black from soot. Note to those engineer/techno types - Not going to send it out to get it analyzed, cheaper and easier to just change it. My question to folks is, at current usage rate it will be 3+ years on an oil change. Seems like a long time, maybe too long. Tractor sits a lot lately, due to ongoing health issues. (Getting old sucks!) Just wondering what others are doing in similar situations. I'm leaning towards changing it sooner rather than later. Don't figure it would hurt anything. Oil and filter are not cheap, but when compared to cost of tractor or engine re-build, dirt cheap!!
I put less than 100 hours per year on my Kioti DK4510. It may not be necessary; but I change the oil & filter once per year, regardless of hours. I'm coming up on my first "complete" hydraulic oil change; and will probably do that every 4 or 5 years (unless the hours increase). Just my "two cents."
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Why commercial trucking outfits do it as well. They want to have insight as to issues that may arise down the road.
Analysis saved me a bunch of money with a new-to-me Peterbilt. Turned out there was coolant in the oil.

With a core that was still good it wasn't horribly expensive to get a Cat reman 3406B.
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Well, whatever the interval, make sure you fill the filter, before spilling it on. I had to watch this video about 12x, before I really got the process. :p

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My uncle was a refinery manager for Mobil and loved to say that oil was millions of years old. When refining they would basically cook the oil a few times skimming off impurities, throw in some additives, and were good to go. He would drive his cars way past recommended intervals and always get away with it. I can't be as cavalier as he was but I do change oil on equipment based on hours, not the calendar.
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She has certain assets that make her qualified for oil changes.
When you begin to wonder just how many linear inches of piping it took to stitch the neck line on that shirt, you've probably seen the video one too many times. DAMHIKT
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I change the oil in all my machines at least once a year. (The vehicles are by milage.) The oil generally doesn't look bad, but they sit a lot during the winter and water will accumulate in the oil. The biggest thing for me it the filter. It really needs to be changed every year regardless of the hours on it.