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Jul 17, 2008
The builders for my pole barn made some mistakes installing the sliding door and I have a few questions for the members here.

Should the top track trim / cover be installed behind the siding. I thinks so, since this should act as flashing to keep rain off the track and the top of the door.

Should the top track itself be bolted to a board and siding fitted around it? Right now they put the track up against the metal siding and ran screws through it. I really don't think this is right as it is sitting on the ribs in the metal.

Should the top of the sliding door be covered by the track trim / cover? It seems like it should otherwise rain would blow in over the top of the door.

I requested a bottom track for the door and what they put in is a metal channel screwed in at the bottom of the outside of the wall. There are no guides, post or wheels in the door that run in this track. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a bottom track.

I have spoken to the builders and I am waiting to hear how they propose to resolve the problems with the door. If anyone has detailed pictures of their sliding door installations, track, flashing, bottom tract, trim etc. I would really appreciate if you could post a few.

I know what they have done so far isn't correct and I believe they will take care of it, but I want to make sure it is done right. I haven't installed any sliders myself and have only seen a few in person, but I never really paid attention to it. Any advice or pictures are greatly appreicated!
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I used an aluminum canopy section made to cover the track. It slips under the siding. This keeps out the weather. I suppose you could use a piece of rubber roofing to do the same job. The bottom of the door is held in place by a pulley/roller thing that slips behind the door and runs underneath it. For a weather seal, I used the rubber roofing strip tacked to the door. This slides around the lower roller deal.
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Well, the door actually fell off this afternoon. The track and top board in the door stayed behind and the rest of the door fell off. To say I am upset would be an understatement. I am waiting to hear from the builder as to how they propose to correct the issues. I sent them pictures this morning, but didn't hear from them the rest of the day. It's not looking too good right now.
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post the pictures here so we can see what your up against.
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I think by your description that you got a very ( budget ) job on the door. It is best that it fell off. Post pics as the above members details are the standard quality install. Craig Clayton
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Here are the pics I took before the door fell off.


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Wow. That is not a very good install. His metal work on the door is bad. Very poor detail work on the corners and edges. Door looks to short as well.

Try to get him back to repair it. Give him some pictures of what it should look like. Is he experienced with building barns? Maybe its just the door he has no idea about.

I had another look at the pics and I think the metal above the door will have to be pulled off and cut shorter
so he can get the flashing in behind. It looks like the door should be raised up a few inches which will make it even shorter at the bottom.
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Sounds like a poor install to me. It also depends on the track used. Check out this web site for some ideas.


Considering there are two common track types (box and round), the basics are the same. Odds are also pretty good it's a Fabral (acr metals) supplied building and the hardware came from Western Products of Indiana | Box Track | Box Track Options or national hardware. The siding should be applied over the hanger brackets and the flashing covers the brackets, rail and door. As a rule, metal roofing and siding gets screwed through the valleys on the panels, not the ridges.

Strangely enough, if it's an all metal building, the erector may not have squared the entire building either. Check the corner posts for plumb, then get diagonal measurements top and bottom.