What's This On The Power Pole?


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Aug 14, 2001
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Fuse that will burn out with high voltage(lightning) or can disconnect a service from main line power.

When it’s burned out it trips open and is easily seen. Usually replaced by linemen using a fibreglass pole.


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Oct 30, 2012
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On our power line there is protectors like this every house tap to prevent the transformer being destroyed by lightening.
This includes the protection on transformer. line switch.

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Are you talking about the white dome shaped object? If so it's just a 25kv porcelain insulator. It's being used to support the phase (hot) conductor that serves your property. The oval shaped device on the crossarm is called a cutout. The skinning side of the cutout is the fuse barrel, which contains a one time use fuse. The single phase is tapped off the main 3 phase using a hot line tap, connects to the cutout, comes out the bottom of the cutout to the porcelain insulator and then over to the next pole towards your property. The wires below all that are neutrals. So the system that feeds you is a grounded-wye system. In my area of operation we run a 7,200/12,470 volt system. If you measure between the phases you with get 12,470 volts. If you measure from any of the single phases to the neutral you will 7,200 volt.

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I think if it was a lightning arrestor it would need a ground connection (i.e. a wire running down the pole to ground).

It doesn't seem like anything else is connected to the bottom of the dome shaped object, but it's hard to tell in the picture because the low resolution capabilities of the potato that the picture was take with.
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May 21, 2005
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Are you talking about the white dome shaped object? If so it's just a 25kv porcelain insulator. It's being used to support the phase (hot) conductor that serves your property.

Yup, you are absolutely correct! I did by drone flight trying to get better images, but couldn't get close enough without making a spectacle of myself next to the highway, so I moved on to plan B, which was resurrecting my old Sony DSC-F828 digital camera which I kind of stopped using once my cell phones started taking better pictures...usually. Cell phones can't do 200mm optical zoom (and a bunch of other stuff) though, and that is what I needed here. So here's the pic that solves what was a mystery for me, and totally obvious for you even from a crappy picture.

power pole.jpg

I did do the drone flight, and although I failed to get the detail I wanted for the power pole question, while I was up I did a little panorama from about 50 feet, and a climb to 260 ft AGL. I thought you guys unfamiliar with what you can do with a $500 drone might be interested in seeing it. The drone is a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I consider it's main drawback to be video quality and radio range which is only about 2000 feet, and less if you have a cell tower on your property desensitizing your receivers.

I didn't edit his video as much as I normally would and left in some transitions from one area to another like the landing approach. Here is a link to the YouTube drone video. DronePowerPoleHiDef.wmv - YouTube