How Much Wood Can a Tractor Haul?

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Over the course of winter, many of our users have had to get out and haul wood for firewood. Whether clearing fallen trees, carrying firewood, dragging logs or more, tractors are the natural tool for dealing with these tasks. Let’s take a look at how some of our users have used their tractors to haul wood.


Tman1020’s Bobcat CT225 was straining under the weight of this hunk of tulip wood.

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  • Great Pictures in the snow fields, what about some Pictures from Australia?

  • As a long time logger, working for the Biggest Canadian logging Co in the Sth Hemisphere Kaingaroa Logging and a hill country farmer in NZ, I am scared to buggery seeing these photos of front end loads with zero counterweighting to the rear
    Stupid, ignorant, much like the fools who kill themselves trying to fell trees

  • Arrow’s my kind of guy. Just scoop up the cut wood. Never could understand these dudes who spend all of that time to neatly stack a FEL with wood only to dump it in a pile when they get back to the house. Inefficient!!

  • Did not think the old Fords had a strong front axle.

  • I can pull about a cord and a half to three quarters, on my 18 foot utility trailer with my Cub Yanmar ex3200. I split it, then immediately throw it on the trailer until I have a load. I stack it tight in an open sided building and so I can easily measure what I hauled.

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