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Christmas in July?

Tractors are made to work… and here on TractorByNet, boy do they ever. Here are some action shots of TractorByNet members and their equipment getting the job done!


Xfaxman’s Bobcat would make for a pretty impressive Christmas tree holder!

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Christmas in July?


  • Nice tractor! What is the model number, please?

  • If we tried burning a slash pile that way, the entire forest would burn. So far, we’ve already had three forest fires -all caused by lightning. Of course, I live in a desert, so forests are very precious since they hold what little water we get. I live in New Mexico, so it’s nice to see green instead of tan sand.

  • I’m looking at an old (’81-’89) J.D. 650 with a FEL (after market) and a small hoe.It has brand new tires, starts and runs well, looks like a 2 cyl. diesel, but I don’t know anything about this line of tractors. Guy wants $9,000.00 and I feel it’s worth it if all is good with the machine. Can anyone be of help in telling me what to look for, etc? Thanks!

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