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One More Ford!


This Ford 3400 was completely restored mechanically and cosmetically by “Old Ford Mech.” You’d normally see this machine in all blue or all yellow, but this one has a nice mix of both. Nice work, Old Ford Mech!

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  • Hello! Drew Tyson, Well Done! A restoration to be acknowledge for your dedication & respect for a piece of machinery & history. I would be in awe to see this tractor.


  • Cool paint jobs! Would you like to see a real custom tractor? If you are interested I’ll post a pic of my Allis Chalmers Lowered 18″,with roll bar, Rack & pinion steering & much more.

  • This was an EXCELLENT article. You have given me a good reason to ‘spruce up’ my Kioti CK30HST. I mean, who wants a plain looking tractor in man town?

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