Unique Paint Jobs

By Drew Tyson October 3, 2015 11:00

Unique Paint Jobs

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This garden tractor belongs to cschulz. While the machine may be old, the paint job is fresh! But the real question is, does that fancy paint job make it mow faster?

By Drew Tyson October 3, 2015 11:00
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  1. 2dogsdoug October 28, 23:37

    Hello! Drew Tyson, Well Done! A restoration to be acknowledge for your dedication & respect for a piece of machinery & history. I would be in awe to see this tractor.


  2. Ken October 29, 00:06

    Cool I like it,I have a craftsman pro all flamed up.

  3. Knuckleskinner October 29, 03:03

    Cool paint jobs! Would you like to see a real custom tractor? If you are interested I’ll post a pic of my Allis Chalmers Lowered 18″,with roll bar, Rack & pinion steering & much more.

  4. BubbbSam October 29, 10:24

    This was an EXCELLENT article. You have given me a good reason to ‘spruce up’ my Kioti CK30HST. I mean, who wants a plain looking tractor in man town?

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