Kubota L2501 Overview

Kubota L2501 with Front Loader

One of Kubota’s more recent entries into the compact tractor market, the L2501 is the company’s latest addition to its long-running L-Series. It features similar styling, a larger chassis, and cleaner emissions than earlier L models. All of this is available at a reasonable price point.

Under the Hood

Tier 4 Engine
Engine meets Tier 4 Final requirements

Powering the L2501 is a 24.8-horsepower diesel engine that meets all of the Tier 4 Final requirements, without the use of a diesel particulate filter. It is a 3-cylinder four-cycle engine, and it is water-cooled for efficiency. The engine is fed from a fuel tank that can hold up to 10 gallons of diesel, allowing for longer running times between fill-ups.

Drivetrains and Transmissions

Both a standard gear-drive transmission and a hydrostatic transmission are available on the Kubota L2501. While four-wheel drive is available with both transmissions, the rear-wheel drive option is only available with the gear-drive transmission.

The Synchro-Shuttle Transmission provides 4 main-shift speeds, along with a Hi/Lo shift. This allows for a total of 8 different forward speeds, as well as 4 reverse speeds. The shift patterns is inline from forward to reverse, helping to provide smooth and quick shifts. In forward gears, the speeds range from 0.9 miles per hour up to 10.7 miles per hour. In reverse, the lowest speed is 1.2 miles per hour with a top speed of 3.9 miles per hour.

The Hydrostatic Transmission, on the other hand, is controlled by a treadle with infinite flexibility in the speed category. It can reach up to 11.5 miles per hour in forward motion, and 10.3 miles per hour in reverse. Speed and direction can be changed very quickly.

Power Take Off and Hydraulics

Live Continuous Running PTO
Live Continuous Running PTO

Each type of transmission comes with a different form of Power Take Off. The Gear-Drive Transmission features a transmission-driven PTO with an overrunning clutch that produces 20.5 horsepower through the PTO. Models driven by the HST feature a live-continuous running PTO that produces 19 horsepower. All models feature a stationary PTO setting. This allows stationary equipment to be run without the driver in the driver’s seat.

The twin pump hydraulic unit powers a Category I 3-point hitch that has a lift capacity of 1,918 pounds at the lift points, and 1,389 pounds 24 inches behind the lift points. It is a position control lift, with 2205 PSI of system pressure behind it.

Body and Frame

The slanted, one-piece hood slopes away from the driver, allowing for a wide field of vision. The hood has gas-strut assisted opening, for easy access to the engine for maintenance and repair.

The dimensions of the tractor fit right in the middle of the compact range. Two-wheel drive versions have a length of 110.6 inches without the three-point hitch, while four-wheel drive models are only 106.3 inches in length. All versions of the L2501 have a wheelbase of 63.3 inches. With the ROPS up, the overall height comes to 91.7 inches, while the weight varies – the two-wheel drive weighs in at 2,425 pounds, the four-wheel drive gear-drive weighs in at 2,601 pounds, and the four-wheel drive HST weighs in at 2,623 pounds.

Creature Comforts and Driver Protection

Tractor Deck Showing Position of Levers
Operator’s Platform

The Kubota L2501 doesn’t skimp on making the user feel safe or comfortable. The foldable Roll-Over Protective Structure protects the driver in the case of a roll over, but can be folded down for area of low clearance or for storage. A retractable seatbelt will keep the user from being bounced out of the seat on rough or hilly terrain.

Comfort is just as important as safety. The spacious operator’s platform reduces the likelihood of cramping and fatigue over a long work day, and makes getting on and off the tractor a little less taxing. Large gauges make it easy for the user to keep an eye on the vitals throughout the day. A large tool box is located behind the operator’s seat or, in models with the available backhoe, next to the seat above the left fender. All models also come with a convenient cup holder for your mug of coffee or cup of water.

Part of operator comfort is the ease of use. The integral type power steering provides control on all surfaces and helps to give the L2501 a minimum turning radius of 7.9 feet for the two-wheel drive model, and 8.2 feet for the four-wheel drive tractors. The wet disc brakes, meanwhile, ensure that the L2501 can be brought to a stop when needed.

Available Accessories

Available attachments for the Kubota L2501 include the LA525 front loader and the BH77 backhoe. The front loader is capable of lifting up to 1,131 pounds when attached to the L3901 with its 6.8 gallon per minute hydraulic flow, so that number will likely drop with the 5.15 gpm flow in the L2501. The control joystick is mounted on the top of the right-side loader stanchion. In addition to these accessories, there are a wide range of implements available thanks to the partnership between Kubota and Land Pride.


  • Looks like a good tractor if it does not rust out my 2130 came from factory with surface rust inter the paint dealer said Kubota would make good so I took tractor home and after being put off for over a year I was told out of luck never buy another Kubota again a word to the wise

  • I have a L45 series Kubota. The oil seal went out on the front axial 4 wheel drive. coast around $500.00 to fix. now the back seal coming from the 4 wheel drive shaft is leaking. the cost would be ridiculous. don’t buy a 4 wheel drive Kubota. 2 wheel drive is better.

  • Just traded in my Kubota BX2370 for the L2501 4WD HST. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Kubota products and my local service shop in Redmond, Oregon.

  • I have bought a B7100, L2250 and a M5040 brand new. I have never had any problems and never had a need for a warranty. When shopping for a green 50hp tractor, the dealer made a side comment that he would be out of business if he had to rely on warranty work from Kubota tractors, that’s how I ended up with the M5040. You cant go wrong with Kubota.

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