Cub Cadet’s New RZT S Zero Turn Mower

The New RZT S

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Cub Cadet is once again living up to its reputation of providing industry-leading innovations by introducing the all-new RZT S (residential zero-turn with steering wheel) bringing the choice between lap bar and steering wheel control to a new segment of the zero-turn market. Utilizing technology first developed for Cub’s top-of-the-line TANKTM S commercial zero-turn riders, the RZT S delivers the speed and time savings of a zero-turn mower with the stability of four-wheel steering and the ease of steering wheel control. With a price tag starting at $2,699, the RZT S is a smart, affordable choice for homeowners with up to three acres of lawn to mow.

For those seeking the benefits of a zero turn mower, the RZT S provides a new option available only from Cub Cadet. Unlike traditional lap-bar zero-turn riders, Cub Cadet’s four-wheel steering (patented as Synchro Steer Technology®) zero-turn models, like the RZT S, use foot pedals and a steering wheel to control the speed and direction of the rear wheels. When a driver makes a true zero-turn on the RZT S, Cub Cadet’s patented Synchro Steer Technology synchronizes all four wheels based on direction and speed to improve traction, stability and user control – all while protecting your lawn. Comparatively, on a traditional lap bar-controlled zero-turn rider, the front wheels are floating caster wheels, and are not controlled by the user.

“We worked very hard to offer homeowners the new RZT S,” said Jeff Salamon, director of marketing, Cub Cadet. “At $2,699, the RZT S brings technology and innovation to a level not available from any other brand and until now never before available from Cub Cadet outside of the professional or higher-end residential markets. Zero-turn saves you time and four-wheel steering gives you stability, confidence and turf protection on any terrain. The steering wheel gives you unmatched ease of use. One test drive proves the incredible performance of the RZT S, including how enjoyable it will be to mow your lawn.”

The all-new RZT S offers users these important benefits:

Precision: An advanced cutting deck designed with optimum airflow and blade overlap for the perfect Cub Cadet Signature Cut every time
Stability: The only zero-turn with four-wheel steering and steering wheel control in its class – offering exceptional traction and stability on hills, so you can tackle tough terrain without damaging your yard.
Reliability: Heavy-duty professional grade engine and 12-gauge steel frame for enduring performance, plus a dual hydrostatic transmission, cutting deck and chassis all protected under a 3-year limited warranty.
Comfort: Features like an adjustable steering column, cruise control, high-back adjustable seat and SmartJet Deck Wash add to the exceptional experience of owning and operating a Cub Cadet RZT S.

“Two years ago we brought the truly revolutionary four-wheel steering technology from our high-performance TANK S commercial zero-turn riders into our high-end consumer models with the launch of the Z Force S,” explains Salamon. “The incredible success of that product has exceeded expectations and proves that consumers appreciate having a choice. They appreciate smart innovations that deliver a better experience. Now with the launch of the RZT S, homeowners can enjoy the innovations that only Cub Cadet can offer – at a price point no one else can touch.”

The RZT S is available in three deck sizes – 42, 46 and 50 inches and suggested retail prices range from $2,699 to $3,199. For homeowners that prefer lap bar controls, Cub Cadet also offers the RZT residential zero-turn rider in 42, 50 and 54 inch deck sizes ranging from $2,499 to $3,599.

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