Stihl Launches Low-Emissions Chainsaws

VIRGINIA BEACH , Va. – The STIHL MS 311 and MS 391 mid-range chain saws are ideal choices for the environmentally-conscious landowners, tree farmers or homeowners for firewood cutting, storm cleanup, and tree removal. Backed with STIHL low-emission engine technology, the MS 311 and MS 391 improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% and reduce emissions by up to 50% as compared to previous models, meaning longer run times between refueling and lower fuel costs.

Both models offer a pre-separation air filtration system that requires fewer filter changes, allowing for longer run times between filter maintenance, and an advanced anti-vibration system that reduces vibration, resulting in operator comfort.

The STIHL MS 311 and MS 391 also feature a toolless fuel and oil cap with retainers, translucent fuel tank, and side access chain tensioner, making them great options for your next tough job. The platform design concept allows for streamlined parts and maintenance.

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