Combat Cold with Cub Cadet’s New Snowblowers

Cub Cadet's New 221 HP Snowblower

Cleveland, Ohio (November, 2, 2010) – Cub Cadet is arming homeowners with the tools necessary to combat winter with confidence this year with the introduction of its new line of 200 Series single-stage snow throwers, the 221 HP and 221 LHP. Built for strength and performance, both feature innovative, redesigned augers and powerful engines for a superior experience and better results.

“The first snow of the year is always exciting, but after a few weeks of shoveling, most homeowners are looking for a more efficient and more importantly, enjoyable way to get the job done,” said Jeff Salamon, Cub Cadet director of marketing. “So, to help make snow removal quick and easy, we’ve developed two new high-performance single-stage snow throwers to compliment our full line of two-stage snow throwers. Both single-stage units are powerful, easy-to-use and the perfect addition for homeowners looking to keep small to average sized driveways and sidewalks clear. After one pass with our new snow throwers, users will look forward to the next big snowfall.”

A Winter Necessity

Whether it’s a light dusting or a complete white-out, the 200 Series is capable of giving old man winter a taste of his own medicine thanks to great features like its high-performance, redesigned auger system and anti-clog chute. With its double-helix design, the new augers on both 200 Series snow throwers move more snow quickly and efficiently scraping all the way down to the pavement and eliminating the need to make multiple passes. Since the auger is also in constant contact with the ground, each rotation helps propel the unit forward, reducing the need to push through heavy snow.

The all-new 200 Series snow throwers also offer added strength utilizing Cub Cadet’s 4-cycle OHV engines, providing more power than traditional single-stage snow throwers to quickly and easily tackle snow up to 13 inches high. And, thanks to their push-button electric start, both units easily start in even the toughest winter conditions.

Not only are the 200 Series units powerful, they are also comfortable to operate. With great features like an in-dash headlight (available on the 221 LHP), manual or remote chute controls and ergonomically designed grips, snow removal isn’t just easy, it’s also fun. Add in an industry-best three-year warranty and say goodbye to shoveling for a long, long time.

The innovation doesn’t stop there as Cub Cadet’s 200 Series also includes these exclusive features:

* Innovative Augers – With a redesigned auger, both Cub Cadet 200 Series units easily and efficiently throw all types of snow while reducing clogging and eliminating the need to go back over cleared areas. With its new system, no snowflake is safe this winter.
* Power and Performance – With more power than traditional single-stage snow throwers, the Cub 200 Series clears more snow faster so users can spend less time in the cold and more time by the fire.
* Clearing the Way – Featuring 21″ clearing width and 13″ clearing height on both units, the Cub 200 Series has the competition covered, literally.
* Comfort and Strength – The 200 Series is easy to maneuver with ergonomic features and a standard in-dash headlight (on 221 LHP) for additional lighting perfect for use any time of day. Also, with a three-year warranty, the 200 Series is built to last.

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