John Deere Introduces New 2R Series Compact Utility Tractors

OLATHE, KANSAS (August 30, 2016) – Customers seeking a solution for increased productivity without sacrificing comfort will appreciate the expansion of the John Deere 2R Series Compact Utility Tractor line. Two new large-chassis models, the 2032R and 2038R, feature a redesigned body for improved stability and an offering in the 38 horsepower range, providing more options for any size operation.

The wide tractor stance and longer wheelbase of the 2032R and 2038R, combined with increased tractor weight, improve stability when navigating a variety of different terrains. A premium suspension seat, ergonomic controls, tilt steering wheel, cruise control and thick rubber floor mat provide a comfortable operator experience, reducing operator fatigue. Additionally, the 2R Series Compact Utility Tractors are equipped with standard work lights on the fender and an optional premium LED work light kit, allowing operators to extend the workday, optimizing productivity.

“Our customers are looking for efficient, durable and easy-to-use solutions that allow them to do more work in less time with less effort,” said Jared Lowe, John Deere product marketing manager for compact utility tractors. “When designing the new 2R Series models, we focused on improving machine stability, comfort and implement attachability to deliver on those needs.”

The 2R Series tractors are designed to improve productivity through several easy-to-use features. The industry exclusive CommandCut™ lift system provides quick and accurate cutting height adjustments with the turn of a dial and the bump of a lever. This system allows for precision cutting and reduced fatigue on long days. The Twin Touch™ foot controls simplify speed and direction of travel selection, while the eThrottle feature allows the machine to automatically increase or decrease engine speed, and standard cruise control keeps ground speed consistent.

The 2R Series features fully independent implements, allowing for front, mid and rear implements to be installed at the same time and combined in up to seven different ways, increasing the versatility of the equipment. AutoConnect™ mid-mount mower decks provide easy attaching and detaching, and the quick-attach backhoe allows for installation without removing the three-point hitch draft arms. Additionally, the larger implement options from the 3R tractors are now available for the 2R series models, adding even more tasks the machine can tackle.

Maintenance is also intuitive with the 2R Series Compact Utility Tractors, which feature extended fluid service intervals and improved engine compartment access. Standard service indicators alert the operator of maintenance needs, such as when the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Also, the engine oil dipstick has been moved to a more convenient location, making it easier for operators to check engine oil levels. Onboard diagnostics and Service ADVISOR™ connectivity allow technicians to quickly and easily monitor machine health.

To learn more about the new 2R Compact Utility Tractors, visit your local John Deere dealer or

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