John Deere’s New 2730 Combination Ripper

2730 Combination Ripper
The 2730 Combination Ripper combines four key field operations into a single pass – front disks, ripper shanks, closing disks, and leveling attachments.

OLATHE, KANSAS (August 21, 2014) – “Go big or go home” has become the theme for many producers as fields get bigger and more emphasis is put on operational efficiency. To help meet those demands, John Deere introduces the 2730 Combination Ripper, a primary tillage tool that sizes and buries residue in the fall which then prepares for one-pass secondary tillage in the spring.

“The bottom line is getting fields ready for planting faster and with fewer passes, while creating the optimal soil environment to help plants meet their yield potential,” says Nathan Kramer, tillage product line marketing manager for John Deere. “The new 2730 boosts productivity through larger working widths and increased residue flow. We’ve increased overall machine length and designed the tool with 38-inches of underframe clearance for nearly plug-free performance under tough conditions.”

The 2730 cuts through soil preparation expenses as cleanly as it does heavy soil residue. The combination of 26-inch disks, individually mounted or in a gang configuration, and ripper shanks offer improved residue flow. Other leveling attachments are available to meet preferred field finish needs. The overall result is an improved tillage tool that delivers more than 40% productivity over previous models.

Other major features of the 2730 designed to improve efficiency and field performance include:

  • Four operational areas are integrated into one system – front disks, ripper shanks, closing disks, and leveling attachments
  • Improved residue management
  • Preferred, consistent field finish across the entire width of the machine
  • Superior residue flow
  • Fully-fractured compaction layers throughout the entire soil profile
  • Wider, true-working widths
  • 26-inch blades

The 2730 is available in 14-ft. and 18-ft. rigid frame models and folding 18-ft., 22-ft. and 26-ft. models that provide narrow transport dimensions. It features the industry’s largest frame and hydraulic down pressure control that allows the operator to easily control clod size and field finish from the cab.

“Much of the operational cost savings comes from combining four key field operations into a single pass,” emphasizes Kramer. “Completing these four passes independently costs $56.85 per acre, according to the 2013 Iowa Farm Rate Survey published by Iowa State University.”

A significant reduction in downtime also contributes to productivity. The 2730 has substantially fewer grease points than competitive model machines. Numerous maintenance-free components mean less time spent servicing and more productive hours in the field.

“Proper soil preparation is the foundation for everything a grower does, from planting through harvest,” Kramer explains. “The new 2730 Combination Ripper from John Deere is the most efficient, cost-effective ripper available to set the stage for a productive season.”

For more information about field preparation with the new 2730 Combination Ripper, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit

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