First N. American Kioti CS2410 Owner Review

Ronald Brush, the first North American owner of a Kioti CS2410.

Ronald Brush knew he wanted to buy the KIOTI CS2410 subcompact tractor before it was even available for purchase in the United States. The Fenton, Michigan, resident had been researching tractors for use on his property and the KIOTI Tractor brand stood out from the beginning.

Over the winter, an ice storm had left Brush’s one-acre property with downed trees, stumps that needed to be pulled and earth that needed to be moved. In addition to this unplanned work, he maintains a rigorous mowing and landscape routine to keep his property in top condition during the spring and summer months. With such a vast and consistent amount of work to complete, Brush knew it was time to invest in a tractor.

The first step in Brush’s purchase cycle was product research. After completing his initial online research, Brush visited his local Authorized KIOTI Tractor dealer, Michigan Iron & Equipment, in Morrice. At first, Brush was looking at the KIOTI CK20 compact tractor, but after working with the store’s owner Bob Piro, he decided there was a better option.

“The CK20 was probably a little more tractor than I needed, so Bob told me that KIOTI was about to introduce a smaller CS2410 model subcompact tractor, so I decided to do a bit more research specific to that model. Once I got online and saw the overall value built into the KIOTI CS2410 versus competitive models, I decided very quickly that this was the tractor for me. With the product not yet available, I put my name on the list to be sure I would get one of the first available,” said Brush.

As it turned out, Brush didn’t get one of the first, but the very first KIOTI CS2410 sold in North America.

“I had no idea I was going to get the first one. I just knew that the KIOTI subcompact tractor was the one that I wanted and the one that I needed at a competitive price. But even if the price had been the same as a Deere, I would have gotten the KIOTI. It’s been great,” said Brush.

During his research, one thing that stuck out to Brush was the wide range of features the KIOTI subcompact tractor had as standard equipment compared to other tractors in the same price range. Additionally, its ability to accept both a loader and a backhoe without the need to upgrade to a larger tractor showed Brush that this subcompact gave him room to grow. He had also read the positive commentary and high-performance marks given to the KIOTI Tractor brand by existing owners of KIOTI products.

“The research I completed really reinforced the quality of KIOTI products and their overall value for the price,” Brush said.

The KIOTI CS2410 subcompact tractor offers a 24.5 horsepower diesel engine. This optimized engine combines large power output with low fuel consumption to save users money. The 20.7 horsepower power takeoff (PTO) is among the highest in this size class, giving owners the ability to power a multitude of implements, including an optional front-end loader, mid-mount mower and backhoe. Brush’s purchase included the loader and a 48″ rear finish mower.

Piro said he initially worked with Brush to learn more about how the tractor he purchased would be used. After having a firm understanding of this, Piro switched gears and began to focus on finding the tractor best suited to Brush’s needs. The KIOTI CS2410 subcompact was a perfect fit. It was heavy enough to complete the lifting, pulling and digging necessary, yet nimble enough to quickly move in and around his property, while compact enough for easy storage and working in tight spaces.

“Ron was a well-informed customer when he initially came in. We just helped him through the purchasing process,” Piro said. “We are extremely happy with his choice and the positive response he’s had to the tractor and beyond proud that our dealership sold the first KIOTI CS2410 subcompact tractor in North America.”

Customer service is a focus at Michigan Iron & Equipment. Brush knew he wanted a mower with the tractor, but determined with Piro that the 60″ mid-mount mower offered by KIOTI for the CS2410 was bigger than what he needed. On the KIOTI web site, Brush found a 48″ rear-finish mower he felt was a perfect fit. Piro worked with KIOTI’s North Carolina-based US Headquarters to quickly get the mower delivered to his dealership, so it could be installed and delivered to Brush with his new CS2410 subcompact tractor.

“I can’t say enough about how much Bob and the entire staff at Michigan Iron & Equipment helped me,” Brush said. “I am really pleased with my overall buying experience. By purchasing a KIOTI, they really helped me get more tractor for my money.”

For more information on KIOTI or KIOTI products visit To learn more about KIOTI products in stock locally visit Michigan Iron & Equipment in Morrice, Michigan today or call 855-265-4590.

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