Kubota Increases Size & Power of M Series Tractors

Kubota M135X
Kubota increases size and power of the M-Series deluxe mid-size tractors.

TORRANCE, Calif. (August 18, 2009) – Kubota introduces four new models to its M-Series deluxe mid-size ag/utility tractor line:  the Kubota M100X, M110X, M126X and the M135X. Each tractor in the series is versatile, powerful and productive and features 97.7, 107.5, 125, and 135 net horsepower engines respectively.  The M135X is Kubota’s most powerful M-Series tractor yet, with a 374 cubic inch, turbocharged direct injection diesel engine that boasts 118 PTO horsepower.

“Increased horsepower and enhanced design elements on these M-Series deluxe mid-size tractors will allow operators to be more efficient during long days in the field,” said Paul Williams, Kubota product manager. “Leading the pack is the new M135X, a deluxe, high performance tractor with advance features at an affordable price.”

More Power than Ever Before
Kubota’s higher horsepower M-Series tractors feature added power, more torque and an electronic common rail fuel system for more power, less noise and reduced emissions.  The M100X and M110X are powered by a Kubota V3800 engine while on the larger side of the series, the M126X and the M135X feature a new V6108 four-cylinder, high torque engine with a large displacement of 6.1 liters (374 cubic inches).  At 118 PTO horsepower, the M135X muscles its way into the larger 110-120 horsepower group of agriculture tractors.  The 16F/16R Intelli-Shift transmission features an eight-speed dual-range powershift for 16 gears in forward and reverse, hydraulic shuttle and wet main clutch are standard.

Kubota M135X
The new M135X leads Kubota’s M-Series with 118 PTO horsepower.

Designed for Optimal Performance
Sleek new design elements add aesthetics and functionality.  The new rounded hood and grill design improve operator’s range of vision while the quieter cab keeps interior sound levels down to approximately 72 dBA on M126/135X models and about 73 dBA on the M100X/M110X models. The exhaust pipe exits the hood at the bottom to increase visibility of the front right wheel; it is also tethered to the cab post to restrict vibrations and increase durability.

Other standard design elements includes wide-front tread that provides an overall 70-74 inch tread spacing, making straddling wide windrows in baler applications easier.  A float link has been added to the three-point hitch, which provides lateral floatation for the use of wide implements. To provide for a smooth, comfortable ride on the M135X, especially when equipped with a loader, Kubota offers optional front axle hydraulic suspension with a toggle switch to turn the system on-and-off. These features, combined with the standard radial tires on each M-Series model, provide excellent traction and a quiet ride.

Higher Horsepower M-Series Works Smarter, Not Harder
Enhancements on the Kubota M-Series deluxe mid-sized tractors help operators work more efficiently. A new dash-instrumentation includes a central command LCD panel that displays engine information, fuel used per hour, travel direction and gear selection. The Kubota – Electronic Management System (K-EMS) is a new, innovative electronic engine control system. K-EMS includes a computerized governor control dial that maintains engine revolutions per minute (RPM) to the operator’s selection, while two memory settings can be set for low- and high-frequently used speeds.

“When working in a field, the new electronic “Work-Kruise” control, part of the K-EMS system, monitors the engine to maintain a constant speed,” said Williams. “In hilly terrain the “Work-Kruise” ties together with the Field Auto-Mode to optimize field travel speeds – the operator does not have to constantly maintain the throttle, which helps increase field productivity.”

Kubota M135X
Kubota M135X

Two New Loaders
To complete the new M-Series enhancements, Kubota is introducing two new loaders: the LA1953 and the LA2253.  Each loader is configured with Kubota’s current 2-lever quick-coupler system or, new to these models, is the ISO Euro-coupler system.  The LA1953 is performance matched to the M100X and the M110X and has a lifting capacity of 4299 pounds, while the LA2253 is matched to the M126X and the M135X and has a lifting capacity of 4934 pounds.

Kubota Tractor Corporation, Torrance, Calif., is the U.S. marketer and distributor of Kubota-branded equipment, including a complete line of tractors up to 118 PTO hp, performance-matched implements, compact and utility-class construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, commercial turf products and utility vehicles.

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